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The Orchard

103 The Orchard, East Windsor, NJ 08512
% Recommended
City Average

I lived there for over 8 years, leaving in 2014. Things were bad at first, but improved when they got new management around 2008 or so. They did a lot to beautify the place and maintain it better. They did have… Full Review ▶


I moved in less then a year ago, I can't say one bad thing about this place. Before I rented I read these reviews and was a bit hesitant in checking this place out but I am happy I did! I… Full Review ▶


This is the worst place to stay. It is badly maintained.The staff is rude. The only upside is the space but there are no balconies. Also it is very noisy and they will not help you deal with it in anyway.… Full Review ▶


A terrible place to stay. The bugs are the worst part about these apartments. Nothing helps. The lady at the rental office, Isa, shes just no help at all. In fact she is the rudest person anybody can interact with. She… Full Review ▶


HAVE BEEN HERE FOR 20 YRS and although it has its downs it is still a great place to live ....1st they ahve roaches not bed bugs and if I keep my place clean and heaven only know what goes on… Full Review ▶


I admit that when I moved in about a year ago I had my doubts. But after living here for a while I would like to say that this is a very nice place for a couple of reasons. It is… Full Review ▶


I very well know about The ORCHARD apartments that have bed bugs problem almost 90% houses. The management used to arrange vendor to spray chemical to control bed bugs however it appear again within a week. Also preparing house for bedbugs… Full Review ▶


Very convenient to both express bus and train to NY. Free shuttle to the Princeton Junction train station is the only thing that makes a train commute bearable. Very easy commute to 8A bus to NY. Quiet, friendly neighbors. Huge apt… Full Review ▶


I stayed at this place for more than a year and it wasnt worth the money at all. They also have lot of crazy rules related to laundry an watching TV. I was working at mcgraw hill and thats the only… Full Review ▶

Prospective Resident

okay.. i am NOT a person who always complaint about others but some times you have to explain the facts so that other wont get into trouble as me.. i stayed in their apartments for an year and the stay is… Full Review ▶


I have lived in the Orchard for over 3 years and I will say that this place is definitely ok for people who are on a budget and is okay for those of you who dont mind being in a complex… Full Review ▶


tried to tow my car without notice, wrote a falsified document stating that they gave notice at 7:30am when at 8:00am the notice was not on the car. Came to tow it at 8:30am, luckily i was there to stop them… Full Review ▶


THIS IS A GREAT PLACE....lived here for 11 years. yet like said before many -------- live around here but they are not rude or harmful at all// you barely see the police here..Never noisy at night.. pool is only problem it… Full Review ▶


It is true that there are many apartments with more than the allowed amount of occupants in them, and there are a lot of --------- in the complex. Most of this does not bother me, they're generally not noisy and in… Full Review ▶


they should plant hedges or some type of bush along the curb of the driveway so when people turn in and out the compex their lights dont shine in the bottom floor windows. Full Review ▶


If you want to feel like you are living in Mexico then I strongly encourage to live at The Orchard apartment complex! If you have a family and you want to be feel safe and be safe then I strongly encourage… Full Review ▶


I currently live in The Orchard apartments and it has been the worst year and a half of my life. First of all, we never recieved a copy of our lease, then when the air conditioner in the bedroom broke they… Full Review ▶


I currently live at The Orchard and find it to be a good place to live. It is true that many of the house rules are not enforced, however the many people with 4 members to a 1-bedroom unit never bothered… Full Review ▶


I lived here for 3 years and in that time my unit was sold to the management company, Sterling Orchard LLC, based in New York. Their company was very unreliable, taking days to answer simple questions. When I had a small… Full Review ▶


Rent is reasonable for the area and size of the apartments. However, the House Rules are NOT enforced. Many units contain over the maximum number of residents allowed. There are a lot of children and most parents let them run free… Full Review ▶

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BedsBathsEstimated Rent
Studio1 $ 1131
11 $ 953


  • Cats Allowed

  • Small Dogs Allowed

  • Pet Deposit Required

  • Pet Rent Required

  • Laundry On-Site

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