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Kingsway Apartments
274 Kings Highway E, Haddonfield, NJ 08033
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If you are considering this apartment complex as a place to live please consider something else. I have lived here for almost two years and it has gotten considerably worse ever since I moved in. Yes, they include heat and hot water with the rent, however, the chances of having "hot" water and not just lukewarm are highly unlikely. Don't you just love cold showers first thing in the morning? The heat is OK except for the fact that the radiator knobs are so worn out that they only let you turn it on or off leaving you with either really hot or nothing. Also, I truly appreciate the fact that this is an old building with old fixtures, appliances, etc., however, they need to be maintained properly if management expects people to actual enjoy living here! If you like a modern and updated kitchen this is not the right place for you either. The cabinet doors don't stay closed at all! The sing is a relic along with the its consistently slow drains, the oven is falling apart, and the hardwood floor have multiple nails popping out awaiting to ruin your socks or cut your bare feet! If you need storage and expect the storage area to be safe think again. The very convenient laundry room is one of my favorites! It so "up-scale" you can pay anything less than five dollars to load your wash card. So much for the quarter laundry mat. To sum up, I really hope that you do not live here!!! Please, please, please!! There are so many very nice places with a great management and maintenance staff that would love your business!! Thanks.

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