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The Hudson Tea Building
1500 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
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I ran across this site and felt I had to post a review because it seems like a few bad apples are making most of the noise here. I've lived here for almost four years. The building is lovely and the staff is mostly excellent.

Some common areas show their age here and there, but the staff works very hard to keep it nice. The porters in particular (who clean,manage the trash rooms, etc) are some of the hardest working people I've seen - and they're all very nice as well. Most of the concierge staff is super and will go out of their way for residents without a second thought. I work from home and the quality of service in the building is frequently a great help to me.

As with most buildings, I'd imagine, some of the maintenance staff members are more competent than others - but the super here is marvelous. I don't know the person who posted the flooding horror story below - but find it very hard to believe that's all there is to the story. Certainly wouldn't let it dissuade you from checking out the building and judging for yourself. Most neighbors I know love living here.

Last Updated: 05/18/11
what makes you feel others who are not happy with their apartments are "bad apples"? A paycheck from the management I would guess?

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