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Rosedale Manor
171 Main Street, Madison, NJ 07940
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-5 minute walk to Madison train Station
-Quick walk to downtown including Stop & Shop, Whole Foods, and lots of great restaurants.
-Large, spacious apartments with ample closet space.
-Lovely neighborhood. Nice country setting with the convenience of being close to downtown.
-Kitchen appliances in my apartment looked brand new.
-They are wired for FiOS. Truly beats the cable company out here.
-Parking is never an issue. But this is probably because some of the apartments are vacant.

-BUGS!!! Lots of them, and it appears to be a problem year-round but most significantly in the summer. We get everything from spiders, mosquitoes, millipedes, centipedes, ants, and now recently bed bugs!!! I have ordered a bed bug elimination kit and can't wait to get some relief from all the itching. The problem is the gap underneath the apartment door is way too big, and the external door does not swing shut very easily. My upstairs neighbors are constantly leaving it open, thus increasing the problem.
-Windows are poorly insulated and do not even lock all the way, due to the building settling. I worry about break-ins but thankfully the neighborhood is pretty safe. I think this only increases the bug problem.
-The apartment has very poor ventilation. Even with all of the windows open, a breeze never comes in even if it's very cold outside. This is a nightmare in the summer and our energy costs were through the roof. In the winter, they keep the place EXTREMELY hot and we have the windows open at all times and it is still unbearably hot. This may also contribute to the bug issue. Even though all of the windows have screens, I don't think the screens adequately fit the windows. I'd run the A/C in the winter, but they put in A/C covers during the winter months.
-The apartments are well insultated vertically (brick construction), however this is not the case when it comes to the floorboards. There is virtually NO insulation between the floors. I am on the ground level and I swear I hear EVERY step (LOUDLY) , EVERY sneeze, EVERY laugh coming from my upstairs neighbors. It doesn't help that she likes to wear heels while walking around her apartment! SO ANNOYING! I imagine it can only get worse if there were kids living upstairs.
-The electrical wiring might be original (building was contructed in the 60's) and our electronics seem to be struggling to work properly. If you have a plasma TV, make sure you have a power management system otherwise there might be permanent damage to your electronics.
-The "creek" that runs through the apartments seems to get clogged with leaves in the fall/winter. So sometimes the water settles and causes a very unpleasant algae smell. I am sure this is why we have so many bugs.
-There were lots of skunk smells in my apartment this summer. They must hang out around the creek because I often would wake up to the most suffocating smells wafting into my bedroom from the A/C.
-The laundry room is abysmal. Very poorly maintained and in the basement of one of the buildings. The whole complex has only 6 washers and 6 dryers. It is always busy at peak times. The door doesn t close all the way and people are always leaving it open as well as leaving the doors to the washers/dryer open. This leads to all sorts of bugs everywhere. I have even seen some frogs!!! I go to a laundromat from now on.

If noise, bugs, and heat do not bother you, this may be an ok place Especially if you will make use of the train station (we don't). But for the amount of rent you pay here, it just isn't worth it to me. I would sacrifice extra space for nicer conditions. I cant wait until my lease is up so that I can move.

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