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Glenwood Apartments

35D Spruce Lane, Old Bridge, NJ 08828
% Recommended
City Average

I've been living here for 10-11 years. Pretty much since day 1 it's been awful. Our situation is tough to leave otherwise we would've been gone ages ago. Maintenance is the most undependable maintenance crew to have ever existed. There's one… Full Review ▶


I've lived in Glenwood apartments for a year now. I do NOT recommend living here. I live in a two bedroom apartment with neighbors from hell above me. I've complained about their dog using the facility on their balcony, which lands… Full Review ▶


We have lived in here for almost three years and will advise strongly to NOT live here. Upon seeing the model apt we thought we were getting something similar, we were so wrong. What we got was something out of the… Full Review ▶


I have lived in my 1 bedroom apartment for almost 3 years. It is very quiet and most of the people are very friendly. The bedroom is huge and i love love love my counter space in my bathroom! I live… Full Review ▶


I would say overall this place is a 3.5-4 stars. We have a pretty spacious one bedroom, with plenty of closet space (nice walk in closet in the bedroom). The neighborhood is good and safe, we see security patrolling at night,… Full Review ▶


Do yourself a favor and don't rent an apartment in this development. The management and office staff are horrible. The walls are so thin you can here a pin drop in your neighbor's (and i use the term neighbor loosely) apartment.… Full Review ▶


Have lived here for a year, just renewed our lease. We love it here! Downside: Yes, the walls are thin (we can hear our downstairs neighbor snoring occasionally). But we have an upstairs apartment, which helps. We hear nothing from our… Full Review ▶


I lived there for a year. #1. The walls and floors are paper thin! You can hear your neighbors phone conversations, you can hear them having sex, and you can hear their tv. (my neighbor told me off through the walls… Full Review ▶


i've lived here my whole life (i'm 21) and over all its not a bad place to live. the only real complaints i have are that there is hardly ever any parking. the complex refuses to paint lines in the parking… Full Review ▶


I've had my issues over the years, but Glenwood is not a one-star, horrible complex. When you know more about other complexes in neighboring towns, you realize how acceptable it is. Yes the construction isn't the most solid or updated and… Full Review ▶

Prospective Resident

The Apt look good from outside. But the staff was pathetic. They tossed the key and asked me to take a look myself. Then they said they don't have any Apt free for rent. I was enraged by the don't care… Full Review ▶

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BedsBathsEstimated Rent
11 $ 1230
21.5 $ 1578
22 $ 1399


  • Cats Allowed

  • Small Dogs Allowed

  • Pet Deposit Required

  • Some Breeds Restricted

  • Laundry On-Site

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Year Beds Baths Avg. Monthly Rent Range
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