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Troy Hills Village
1480 US Highway 46, Parsippany, NJ 07054
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I have found out the residents of Troy Hills Village have had run ins
with Rena Plaxe when she was the Property Manager there. Well it looks
like she has taken that "attitude" to the position she was gifted with
from Mayor Luther of Housing Department Chief. The Town Council had
adopted ordinances for the specific purpose of exposing "stacking" and
they sent their "bulldogs" out looking for it. But guess what??? As
they are not finding this stacking in at least one apartment (Colonial
Heights) they are now broadening their scope to look for REALLY minor
issues. And it shows Rena Plaxe is NOT QUALIFIED for his position I heard
of one case where she actually suspected lead paint (hey Rena have you
been living under a rock for the past 40 years???) but lead was removed
from paint since 1971!!!!!! the folks she inspected moved in in
1979...do the math...71 lead removed 79 my friends moved in...lead???? I
don't think so!!!!! She and another inspector one Tom Seibel
don't have a clue what they are doing (maybe they do...sticking it to
honest hard working people). Oh here's a tid bit...Rena was GIVEN the
position by Luther because she was on the Republicans for Luther
Comittee...hhhhmmmm. I would have though Mayor Luther would have put someone
in that position that had SOME construction/architecture experience.
But I guess if Luther felt he "owed"her something...No Clue Rena!!!!!
And as I understand her sidekick Tommy-Boy isn't much better. He
actually threatened my friends with eviction!!!!! I found out that is WAY
outside of his power but I guess he is on a power trip (as everyone must
be in that department). I know there is a tennant over on Baldwin which
is up in arms over Rena's Department's invasion tactics (which by the
way the homeowners are excluded from). I think a coallition of tennants
should be formed so that we can all say in one HUGE unified voice "NOT
(this so called inspection!!!!). Let me know what you think as you
have had experience with this clod already.

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