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Winteringham Village
1040 Route 166, Toms River, NJ 08753
6 User Responses

I love it here. Im section 8(welfare) and only have to pay $27 per month to live here. The local police are to afraid to come in to this complex to patrol so you are free to do just about anything you want without hassle. You can hang out in the court yard and drink beers or smoke weed all night long if you want. The "Bloods" street gang have several members who live here so its very easy to score just about any type of drugs that you want by just going to a apt. a few doors away! There is some occassional gunfire in the summertime here but most of that is just gang related and they pretty much just kill each other and leave the tenants alone. Great place to live!!!!

I have property management experience and am currenty looking for a full time job.I would love to be the manager there. Safety for all the tenants would be my first concern along with making sure that qualified contractors were hired to make sure that everyone lives in a well cared for apartment.
The biggest problem with Winteringham is the current Manager. She refuses go over her budget to make the place safer. She has recently stated that paying for Security is not in the budget. Having 24 hour cameras throughout the development is not in the budget. But when it comes to evicting residents who really are not a problem, she will spare no expense. Even with the recent murder there, she will not hire Security to keep the residents safe. She also fails to keep the Apartments in proper repair. She refuses to hire qualified contractors to make the necessary repairs. She violates State Laws by allowing unlicensed people to do electrical and plumbing repairs/replacements. Winteringham Village could be a nice place to live again if the Manager stops worrying about looking good to her bosses by saving money on critical things like resident safety and health. Keeping under budget is her only goal.
First and foremost this development is not section 8 so get that right. It's here for low incoming housing for the most part a big percentage of us do have JOBS and we pay more then $27.00 per month...The reason there is so much chaos going on is because no-one wants to get involved with the community and do something about it. I have lived here for 22 years and trying very hard to get out of here but can't find anything at the moment I can afford and YES I have a dam good job but as a single mother it takes a little bit more then that to make it in New Jersey... So quit putting down where you live and make a difference
That response above is bunch of bologna. I've been living here in winteringham for 19 years. Cops do patrol every once in awhile. You can buy drugs, but you can buy then in a house neightborhood. "Bloods" yeah their might be some fake bloods running around or want-to-be bloods floating around here, but they don't do anything. This place use to be bad when I was little. I've lived here for all of my 19 years of life i know everything there is about this place. No one kills anyone sorry but that does not happen. Not going to lie, I believe someone did get killed when i was little. But now-a-days, no one has been killed. Whoever wrote that last year is retarted. This place is not bad. We do have noisy neighbors, we do have people not liking each other, but is there any place where there is completely peace. I don't think so. Yup thats the real story. =)
It's people like you that don't deserve to live in a place that tries to help the less fortunate unless of course that post was being sarcastic but doesnt seem like it. This is just why no-one can have anything and the" HAM" is going downhill...
omg that's horrible! why the hell would you want to stay? unless you like living in hell? request to move to another apt complex. there are 2 new complexes in bayville that have section 8. I know, my name was on the list. And it's a very nice place.

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