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The Portals
1180 Alvarado SE, Albuquerque, NM 87108
2 User Responses

DO NOT RENT from the Portals or the Lanai apartments (Lanai is the sister apartment to The Portals). I stayed here for about 6 months, and I would have to say that it has been one of the worst renting experiences of my life. Let me explain in detail the following:

1) The apartment itself: When I went here to visit the complex, everything seemed really nicely kept and clean and worked. Once I moved in, I found that the garbage disposal had stopped working and water would leak under the kitchen facet. Also, I found nails, staples, and needles lying around the edges of the walls (even though I was told that the apartment was professionally cleaned). The cabinets turned out to be rather dirty inside as well. Also, I had overlooked the stove, but all of the markings to indicate what the dials on the stove did were rubbed off completely... when I asked to have it replaced, the only thing the maintenance guy would do was to draw me a diagram of what they >should< do from someone else's stove. The bathroom shower had a very leaky diverter value, so everyday when I took a shower about 4 or 5 gallons of water would just wash down the drain. Otherwise, if you don't like bugs, be aware that even though the apartments are sprayed regularly for bugs, you will still end up finding them all over the apartment (alive and dead). Overall, the interior of the apartment was utter crap and of shooty quality.

2) The maintenance personnel:
After only a few days of living there, I of course asked to have the maintenance guy fix most of the above mentioned problems. It took at least 2 to 4 days before he even came around to work on anything. He was able to fix the garbage disposal without much problem, but as for the leak, he told me it was the water lines and had replaced them... immediately afterwards it had the exact same problem. The sloppy screen door to the balcony he was able to cock the door jam which did help with the draft, but as for the lose frame, he just carelessly drove 3 screws into it that didn't even sink into the wall >>AND<< stopped the door from locking -- that was how he left it too. As for the shower diverter, I had to ask several time to have it fixed and whenever he finally left me a note that he replaced it the one day, I immediately checked it, and it was still leaking EXACTLY the same as when I had showed it to him. Essentially, the maintenance guys there are completely incompetent.

3) The laundry facilities / club room / pool:
I only have one thing to say about the club room and that is that it almost never gets used. Not once did I see anyone use it. Although, it's nothing really special. The pool looks relatively nice, however it is rarely cleaned. Therefore, the pool almost always has things floating in it such as leaves and any other trash that blows into it. The laundry facilities are a nightmare from hell. Not only are they never cleaned (floors / washers / dryers), but dryers operate like no one has ever maintained them. Once I had tried to dry my clothes in one only to find out that the tumbler was stuck... and when I took my clothes out and threw them in another dryer... that one was broken as well. It took maintenance almost a month just to fix them, in addition they wouldn't work if you put a medium sized load in them either.

4) Apartment manager:
I could describe Kiersten, the apartment manager, with several words... but for this review, I'll just call her worthless. She is like a really good used car salesperson... she makes everything look great up until you sign the papers, then she almost can't be found. Many times I would come back from work during her regular office hours, and she was no where to be found. Whenever I would leave her a voicemail, I would get a reply well AFTER I needed to talk to her (if I got a reply at all). Thinking of her voicemail, it still makes me laugh whenever I think of hearing her say "Welcome to the >>fabulous<< Portals apartments" ...what a joke. As for whenever I told her I was moving out, it was all down hill from there. I asked her to please forward my last rent statement to ONE of two addresses... I didn't get the rent statement until the rent was already late (and she charged late fees on top of it). In addition, since I needed to move earlier than expected, I told her that I wouldn't need parking for the last month of my lease... the parking charge was still on the bill. Only 2 weeks before I was moving out for good, she gave me a notice that I HAD to have my apartment "professionally" clean. I asked her about this since it was NOT stated in the lease that I would have to pay for professional carpet cleaning when moving out, but she insisted that I did, or I could pay The Portals to do it (even though they don't have any professional carpet cleaners on staff). Finally, after I pointed out the New Mexico tenant law to her that states that a security deposit CANNOT be used for general wear and tear of the apartment (such as cleaning) did she drop it.

5) Neighbors:
Not to say that all of the people who live here are miserable people to live near, but there were several neighbors who would play their "bassed-out" music at all hours of the night at any given day of the week. Several times I had to call the curiosity patrol on a couple of different neighbors just so I could get to sleep on a weekday. Regardless, of the $25 fees they would charge them for making a disturbance, they would keep on doing this once or twice a week. If you're looking at this apartment complex because you're looking for a place near KAFB (perhaps you'll be working there like I was). I would suggest looking at places east of the base, even if they are $100 more, it'll be worth it.

User photo uploaded on 01/18/2012
Actually, that was the reality of my stay at the Portals apartments, and to be entirely honest, I'm not one to complain if something is mediocre. Since I am a graduate student, I barely have a minute of free time for myself, so I'd rather not spend my precious time writing negative review for every business that I find offering services that are less than satisfactory. However, after being charged for routine "professional cleaning" upon vacating my clean and spotless apartment, I felt like this review is more of a civil duty for the good of any prospective residents looking for a new apartment in Albuquerque. Sorry, but never before have I rented an apartment that was so difficult to get my security deposit back from management. If this is how Kiersten thinks it is best to maximize the complex's profits, so be it, but there will be negative reviews that will be coming along with her greedy scams. Also, as you can see, I'm not the only one complaining. If you think that The Portals is a good apartment complex, then I cannot even begin to envision the ghetto which you crawled out of. Currently, I am renting at one of the many Gables residential complexes, and as any relatively bright person can see, there is a reason why they can operate more than 30,000 apartment homes in more than a dozen states. It's because they have responsible business practices and are interested in having satisfied residents. If you don't believe me, check out the link below for yourself. http://gables.com/company/p/corporate_overview
Dear Past Resident, It seems that you did not have a pleasant experience with or community. This is not how anyone should leave a community. I would like to address some of your comments. When you toured our property you mentioned several objection that you " overlooked". It would be nice if you could express the reality of your experience. I remember your time here and a lot of what was mentioned seems fabricated. Apartments cannot improve if you cannot address your issues with the staff. Security calls are $25.00 if you we're found violating after hour rules and noise ordinances. I hope you feel more comfortable in your new home and hope you communicate with the management team.

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