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Warren Sandia
920 Louisiana Boulevard SE #16, Albuquerque, NM 87108
19 User Responses

I actually lived at Warren Coronado. But if you are looking for an apartment you need to read this. I was at Warren Coronado for about two months. It was an absolute nightmare.I am a student and I WORK which most people that live in Warren do not do. They sleep all day and stay up all night looking for trouble and victims. At all times of night there is fighting, things breaking, doors slamming and yelling. I lived in fear and I never slept. Not a good feeling and not a safe place for children to live at all. Drug deals happen in plain sight in the middle of the day. Drugheads watch you come and go as if they are scoping you out.If I did not have my boyfriend with me I am sure something bad would have happened to me. In the two months I was there, security was there almost every night and they werent much help anyways. The same problems would reoccur and within an hour they would have to come back. APD hated coming there because they were being called constantly to that awful area. I would hate to be a cop too if I had to deal with those good for nothings that lived at Warren.This apartment community claimed to do background checks-HA! I have never seen so many criminals and druggies in one spot in my entire life! Warren is a desperate apartment complex willing to put anyone in those apartments! Managament is an absolute joke! The front office employees are mean as all get out and really rude. But they are stressed and have to deal with druggies and people that threaten them all day. There was an incident were a man tried to break the window in the office and yet again APD had to come out. I suppose he didnt want to pay rent or something like that. The saddest part about all this is there are people that live in Warren aprtments that work, have families and dont cause trouble. But for monetary reasons, we could not afford a better place to live. It is not worth the money and not worth your life! After pleading with the front office I was able to break my lease.Every Warren apartment community I have been to has been nothing but the worst place in Albuquerque you can possibly live besides the War Zone Area. Let me begin to tell you that any Warren apartment complex in particular Warren Coronado has been a thorn in Albuquerque's side for years. They were just on the news last month! Homicides and other violent crimes happen frequently at Warren apartments! Dont take my word for it check KOBTV 4 website and type in Warren Apartments, or even look it up on the internet!A young woman was killed there recently and there was also a fatal shooting! saving a few bucks is not worth it-DO NOT LIVE AT ANY WARREN APARTMENT! This is the worst place you could live if you are a woman, a working person, or if you have children. This is a haven for criminals, drug addicts, mental cases and I wouldnt be surprised if there are pedophiles living there.Take my warning please if you value your safety and your peace of mind.

you, know i just moved to the warren coronado apartments. i work, and this is what i can afford. murder, violence, and drugs are just a part of life and i dont really give a crap if its happening where i live. i mind my own buisiness. i can take care of a junkie with a knife and i do not fear being shot. if it's my time to go then so be it. don't be such pussies people. you live in a big city, do you actually think you can get away from ---- like this?????? deal with it... i have nothing of value and if somebody breaks in and steals my stuff, ill find out who it is and take care of the prick myself.
The sad part of it all is one of the properties has a full running police station right next to it (Louisiana and Gibson) and yet it is one of the most dangerous apartment complex in the city.
I just read the reviews that were listed on this sight and I'm sorry to say that Iam an employee of the Warren Property apartments. Sad to Say that it is ALL TRUE!!!! All the warren property apartments are a NIGHTMARE!!! not only to live there but also to work for. they are cheap and easy to get into just watch your back and who you lew into your life there because you can be in danger. there are druggies, mental cases, prostitution, brake ins, murders violent crims mixed in are decent people just trying to survive.
Seriously the person that called the other person a filthy baby musttt bee trashh for thinking Warren Coronado is a good place to live! I lived there 6 months. My neighbor told me that the apartment i was in had, a stabbing, a shooting, and a standoff with SWAT, i know its true because i could see the bullet holes in the door and a tiny peace of caution tape lol. Not only that while living there, my original neighbors had their window broken into and their TV stolen, and we were in A building with the so-called security and undercovers. My new neighbors was a couple who did meth all night and beat each other, we could hear the screams through the wall. My boyfriends motorized bike was stolen right off our balcony, the cops didnt do jackshi so we ended up findinh it on Craigslist and met the people who stole it and just took it out of their hands put it in my jeep and called the cops, come to find out the cop told us that the same day the two crackheads broke into someones car in the apartment complex and got caught ...again...in the same day.. One night i was walking inside and out of nowhere a crackhead came screaming at me and i literally had to run inside because i was so scared. There are bums tht come along and rummage the dumpster for food, i used to put food out that i wasnt going to eat, kinda like u get a free pet with the apartment. There was someone who lived there that was on the Americas Most Wanted list, fun right? One time a guy asked me if i wanted to buy heroine from him. Warren Coronado is NOT THE CHEAPEST PLACE TOWN,there are many alternative apartments in the city for almost the exact same price without all the 'entertainment'. Oh yeah i forgot to mention the young hookers that live there that asked my neighbor if she wanted to give it a shot?! ha! Keep looking there are other better alternatives. My only brother of only 22 years old also lived there and died there, he decided to go on a motorcycle ride with a resident he met there and did not return.
Im guessing the last responder is an owner/investor/manager??????? I was actually ready to move into warren corranado this weekend. Holy crap!!! what a nightmare huh? I need a cheep place and im not afraid of the scumbag demon possessed criminals that i hear roam the halls and grounds looking for victims. I own weaponry and have a concealed handgun permit. Just finished a law enforcement school so im equipped with pepper spray and a battan. My glock 9 will blow a nice hole threw a cranium.......phuck em i guess. I just wonder if my motorcycle will be stolen or my work truck? Is United that phucking incompetant??? I realize security forces are merely there as a "deterant" and they can only by law observe and report. But c'mon......they dont help out when they see a crime being committed???? I dont smoke pot but i know people who do.......sounds like a great place to score!!!!!! what are the "undercovers" doing.......banging meth between thier toes and phucking the phillipino hookers that live there??? hahaha what a strange environment nesstled inside all the fancy buildings and restaurants and hotels etc...... Im thinking about moving there just so i can be a "vigilante" and kill a motherphucker or two!! lol i dare an addict to break in while im there! There will be a deceased human on my carpet bleeding out!!!!! guarangoddamnteeit........semper fi oohhh rahh.
I have lived at Warren Coronado for more than a year. It has been my experience that Pest Control here is above average. Perchance the reason maintenance did not spray your kitchen and living area was because of exposed food. If you leave food and other nasty things about of course you will have bugs, I had neighbors similar to you, filthy pigs who just wanted to -----. Warren Coronado has an excellent roving security team who has even helped me carry my groceries inside. I hoped you have grown up and cleaned up your act. You filthy, immature baby.
I lived at warren coronado with my husband last year, coming from oregon it was pretty scary, within a month of moving in we had a shooting down stairs, and the neighbor next door was a wanted crimnal that was beating his girlfriend every night we called it in and APD said to let them know when he returned since he was wanted. we called the next time we heard her screaming but they never came. I was pregnant at the time, and had to walk a few blocks from work to home every night it was terrifying. And yes management is horrible too, the would come in and supposedly spray bugs every month, but only in the bedroom and bathroom and then we'd get the same notice evey moth that our apt wasnt up to inspection standards, and after the first 1 i came home from a full time job 7 months pregnant and cleaned the house spotless b4 they came again, but we still got the same notice again with word for word typing.
I hate to break it to you all, but the kinds of things people have said here happen all over Albuquerque. I can tell you the management at all Warren Apartments do criminal background checks, and do all they can to evict all troublesome residents. What people don't understand is that there are laws protecting people from "illegal" evictions. Yes, even those that don't deserve protection. New Mexico Law makes it very difficult for landlords to quickly and easily evict trouble makers. The REAL problem in Albuquerque is the Police Department. They have their nuisance abatement law that requires landlords to prohibit the residents from calling the police and deal with criminals and problem residents with "notices" that really do nothing to deter crime. The APD then does absolutely nothing to back up the landlord. Perhaps if they would do their job, criminals would not have the idea that they can do whatever they want wherever they want with no real consequences. The problems in Albuquerque, which are not limited to any one area, stem from lack of action by the police that has been going on for years! Criminals know this as well and so crime runs rampant in this town.
i lived there as well over on Indian Lookout rd. and my first neighborly encounter was some guy asking me if he could make crank in my closet and he would pay my first months rent, otherwise he would have to make it under the freeway underpass, i agree though with one reviewer it was pretty convenient, easy to score some pot, and if you knew peopple you could buy ---- real cheap although it may have been yours already. this place sucked.
I too lived there a long long time ago. 1998 or so. My car was stolen! Also, a group of people tried to break into my apt at night. Somehow, they had a working key! I know this because I was standing next to the door as they tried to enter. I lucked out because I had this device on the inside of the door that stopped the deadbolt from moving. Otherwise I likely would have been badly hurt or killed. It's my belief management sent these people because I had a run-in with them. I got mad at management and yelled at them for turning off my phone. I owed money for long distance which was fine and I was happy to pay. Instead of simply telling me I owed money, they turned off the phone. I got mad because I was looking for a job at the time and the phone was critical. Very rough place!!!
I live in apt building d there was a fight and apd was called could not sleep that night and there are drug deals and people asking me do I do weed and etc the parking is very bad course not to mention u feel trapped and u cannot get out and if u ask for a transfer it costs 100 dollars its not worth 439 a month and not ur life there are apt windows breaking and etc fights u name it terrible wish I knew where to go GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!! Colorado is better than this crap anyday nothing gets fixed at all and management could care less every night u have to look and see if u have a car or not..
I live here at the Warren Coronado apartments building C and it is freaky mainly at nights, if you have to live here don't talk to anyone and get a dog to protect you and don't make eye contact to anyone, the lady next door to me is moving out after living here 2 months, i am currently seeking another apartment. the people upstairs, aww let me tell you, they have like 5 people living in that apartment and they make noise coming down the metal stairs all hours of the night that wanna be cholo young guy has been doggy me since i have been here. I am outta here
just some info: there are 3 undercover agents now living on the premises one at building A and one at B and C(Warren Coronado) which is so cool to me because i live next to one of the officers and he mentioned that they are watching the tenants as well as management and (united security) conduct, which they have to report to the state as well as to the city's task force, i also noticed APD patrolling the area often. I have one more to mentioned there is a GMC red jimmy that parks in a handicapped zone building C which makes a real handicapped person walk far because the moron is not handicap and does'nt want to park anywhere else,,what a bozo that person is
Yes, I, too, lived at the Warren Apartments. Not all of the people were lazy and drug users, some actually held jobs and went to work on a daily basis. However, a good 80 percent were as discribed by the first reviewer. The quality of the majority of people were one-step from prison inmate. So sad because that place could really serve students' and the marginally employed.
WOW this is really funny i used to live @ the Warrens On louisiana near lomas north of the shell gas station, man let me tell you after living there i would rather live on the streets at least that was safer. The so called Security or shall i say United Security was dumb founded and ignorint i was mearly coming home from picking up my girlfriend from the hospital and they meaning Security knew i lived there said to me what are you doing with that woman meanwhile i lived on the 3rd floor & was half way between the 1st and 3rd when they asked so i wasn't going to stop till i got to my apartment. Once i got there they were running up to me after getting in i came out and began to tell them they threw me up against the wall and when i faught back they went downstairs and called APD, how crazy was that and they knew that i lived there and this was my girlfriend so i had to get a restraining order against the Security company and after that they continued in harrassing me until this 1 night when they kept banging on my door and window for about an hour that i finally went outside and dared them to do it again, and if they had the Balls to do it again see what happens being a Military Vetran and all so they did 3 of them, and this time they had the maintenance man Larry outside as well to watch so i came out and grabbed the biggest 1 and pow right in the kisser just what he deserved and when the police got there i told them i was provocted and that they could not take me to jail and if they did let's all go. so long story short the warrens are the worst place even for the filthy freakin cockroachs to live and if that's not enough how about Bed Bugs has anybody ever slept with them?there apartments are all infested with them, so if your looking for a place to live and your a hard working person, or going to School and if you value you life or sanity do not live there. Sincerly
OH BOY!!! What a surprise to hear nothing has changed at Warren Coronado! When I moved in in 2002 the place was clean and had good management. When the present management took over things went down hill fast. I gave notice and moved out 3 weeks before my rent was up. They rented the apartment within 5 days which is illegal and then sent me a bill for $290.00 with NO explanation for those charges. They should have been sending me a refund because you cannot charge rent on the same place from 2 different tenants! I do not believe they do criminal checks at all because I found names and addresses of sex offenders living at Warren Coronado and according to their agreement with the city NO person who a criminal history is supposed to be living there. The city does nothing about it either. I was threatened more than once by crack addicts that were moved in next door to me, one time with a knife. I was told to keep my shades closed and stay inside B.S> I said. There were at least 3 times I was not allowed to go to work because of a stand off with SWAT teams on the property and then could not get in more than once after work for the same reasons. DO NOT waste your money!!!
I too had the pleasure of living at Warren Coronado. I found the experience to be wonderful. Drugs were available at all hours so I did not have to go to the "War Zone" mentioned in this review in the dead of night. What a convenience! Management did indeed look the other way when it came to drug dealing. Again, what a convenience. Appliances such as T.V.'s, C.D. players, D.V.D.'s (All Genres) are for sale at great discount prices, although they often looked very familiar. Sometimes just like the items that had recently dissapeared my very own apartment making replacement, you guessed it, convenient. I also had the opportunity to purchase Food Stamps (EBT Card, PIN included) at the low price of Fifty cents on the dollar. I felt good about these purchases because I was always assured that my "contribution" was to be use for tuition, books, someones sorely needed medication or some other noble endevour. So those of you who enjoy giving back to the community or just love convenience, I would say Warren Coronado is the place for you.
Hello; Yes I third this review! that is absolutley correct! I put down my 300 dollar deposit and it's 3 months that Im waiting for the deposit. I havent received the refund and Im frustrated, any one please help me if you know how to take a legal action against these apartments,thanks
I lived at Warren Sandia for 6 months and everything you said about Coronado is also true abot Sandia. Worst place I ever lived.

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