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1550 Fahrenheit Apartments (formerly Harmony Square)

1550 East Harmon Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89119
% Recommended
City Average

This place is horrible I moved in 3 months ago with my girlfriend. She does not feel safe leaving the apartment, our apartment came with hinges to put a 2x4 across the back of the front door so it can't be… Full Review ▶


DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!! THIS PLACE IS HORRIBLE!!! I moved here a year ago with my girlfriend and never felt safe at all.. neighbors were always fighting, yelling, stomping around above. Drug dealers everywhere. Metro police everywhere because of the drug… Full Review ▶


Theese apartments are the worst place any body could ever live we have had our roof fall in (in both rooms),had to stay in the same apartment 2weeks before they transfered us to a new one , which in turn caused… Full Review ▶


The apartment has really improved it self over a year, and under this new management I was satisfied with my time here. They are now prompt with complaints and service requests. My only dissatisfaction with the complex at the moment is… Full Review ▶


I have no idea where to begin, because absolutely nothing was pleasant about this place! From the day I moved in till right now, 6 months later, it has been non-stop construction! Conveniently enough they failed to mention a word of… Full Review ▶


I honestly cannot believe I lasted here my whole 8 month lease. From the moment I walked into the apartment (After my boyfriend had already put down the deposit and everything) I did not feel comfortable or at home. And one… Full Review ▶


this is the worst place ive ever lived in my life!! No heating during winter no airconditioning during summer, and they never ever fixed ANYTHING.They over charged us on rent and ripped us off. DONT LIVE HERE. Full Review ▶


What a place, the staff and the management company don t care about anything just the money. The water is off all the time and they may put out a notices once-in-a-while. The hot water has been off for a week… Full Review ▶


Luckily I moved out of this place 2 years ago!! When I first moved in it was called Emerald Gardens and was $450 a month (which was the right price for the quality of apartment) and the management was as helpful… Full Review ▶


Me and a friend lived here in 2008 and while my fiance was at work, my friend started making dinner while her son and i were watching tv in the living room and her boyfriend and her daughter were in the… Full Review ▶


the worst apartment and its management..... Full Review ▶


Both Harmony Square and Stout Management are horrible, unscrupulous profiteers. The apartments themselves are dismal; they are very similar to lower priced weekly hotels that one might find on Fremont St. The parking lot is poorly lit, expect your car to… Full Review ▶


When I first moved in here I couldn't understand how they charge so much for such a terrible apartment. The roach and insect problem is insane. The manager ignores every problem I report, like my broken heater in the middle of… Full Review ▶


The list of reasons why this place sucks could fill a book. No water, bugs, apartment in need of major repairs, noise, crime. The manager sucks so much it hurts my head to wonder how she still has her job. The… Full Review ▶


This is by far the worst place I have ever lived. I moved from colorado so I picked somewhere without knowing a lot. This place had holes in the wall, the fridge was broken when we moved in. The stove was… Full Review ▶


No there is no hot water at all during the day. If you want a hot shower or clean dishes you have to wait until 3:00am. If anyone knows a government agency that can regulate on the thieves and liars that… Full Review ▶


My apartment is falling apart. There is a huge crack running down the ceiling. The manager Judy is a liar and wont help you. Last week me and a bunch of people had our cars broken into right in front of… Full Review ▶


It would be in your best interest to avoid living here if you can afford to live elsewhere. They have a nice model apartment but the actual one you will be living in is reminiscent of the third world. The walls… Full Review ▶


I just moved in and have absolutely no hot water!! The water does not even get luke warm. I ask the manager Judy for assistance and her answer is move or try to shower in the middle of the night when… Full Review ▶


they keep calling me after 4 months, asking me if I need an apartment, even though I told them to take my name off their phone list! Plus ,the apartment itself is pretty bad. The overall appearance is ok, but once… Full Review ▶


The staff is rude. I was supposed to move in in November, but they kept calling me and telling me that it would be another week. I finally got to move in at th end of December, and when i showed… Full Review ▶

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BedsBathsEstimated Rent
Studio1 $ 568
11 $ 498
21 $ 789
21.5 $ 698
41.5 $ 1954


  • Cats Allowed

  • Small Dogs Allowed

  • Large Dogs Allowed

  • Pet Deposit Required

  • Pet Rent Required

  • Some Breeds Restricted

  • Laundry On-Site

  • Laundry Connections in Unit

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