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Apache Pines
9552 W Tropicana Ave9552 W est Tropicana, Las Vegas, NV 89147
6 User Responses

i have just finished reading all of these reviews and while most are complaining they are not explaining the real problem. the ONLY problem with this otherwise terrific complex are all the you know whos running wild acting up screaming their eboniks morning, noon, and night. these people are arrogant, ignorant, lazy, jobless, loud and cause all of the problems at this complex. if i could find out who are referring these families to this place i would pay them to stop. these people belong in the north east section of town but they find out about this place from their welfare caseworkers who are trying to put them in a better environment from what they are used to since it is one block away from summerlin and really nice. the only problem with doing that is that you can take the person out of the ghetto but you can't take the ghetto mentality out of the person. proof of this is reading the weekly newspaper for spring valley and looking at all the crime and its always concentrated in one area and it happens to be around this complex. so these people act the same here as they would in the projects they came from and unfortunately do not belong here. the sad thing is that the complex keeps accepting these referrals because they HAVE to. hopefully things will change when people realize that not everyone is equal in this society and we cant treat them as such as much as we want to pretend thats the case. i feel for all the residents that are still living there dealing with this on a daily basis and good luck to you. p.s. let me know when the degenerate hood rat drug dealers are gone so i can move back there.

Last Updated: 08/05/11
What is with the smelly garbage bags? Tenants are throwing their own garbage bags on top of their car port roofs. Rotten trash means rats, pigeons, lice, mice, and bed bugs people! They should have made this complex a Senior Living place only. This complex destroyed our community, and should be condemmed. Live like rats, environment is a rat hole. Thanks for bringing crime, drugs and health issues to our neighborhood.
To the comments that say this person is "racist", keep in mind that they never even said anything color or race. This is ALL about behavior. If anyone's being racist, it's you guys for stereotyping. Who says the people who are ghetto, loud, drug dealers, and "hood rats" have to be of color? No one. Even white people can be like that. You all jumped to conclusions. As much as we all hate to segregate people in which we live, it happens. Most of the time it's for good reasons too. There are children who tend to be around and people who want to be safe. What this person says about this apartment being located near Summerlin (being a good area and a tad more expensive) is that people near here pay more for better apartments and safety. Having "ghetto" people living near them, roaming around possibly breaking into property and stealing or bumping noise is not what those people would want near them or around the neighborhood. Therefore, these people would leave in search of better living conditions (more expensive) and would downgrade the apartments they left which will bring in more "ghetto" [loud, dangerous, dirty, drug dealers, hood rats, etc.] people. Which brings me to people who always complain about how dirty, loud, and roach infested the apartments are. It's stupid how people keep complaining about apartments being this way when they know the cause (not just because the staff and maintenance are lazy). People never stopped to think maybe the office staff and maintenance got tired of putting up with "ghetto" people wrecking the apartments that they just stopped altogether. Summerlin is a good area to live, but things like this will destroy safety for anyone.
I tend to agree with the first comment on this page. My wife and three kids and I have fallen on hard times. I am a union laborer and had a 4 bedroom house in new henderson. Because of the corrupt government, politicians and unions. Under this 2 party dictatorship. This country has gone down the drain. I've worked very hard all my life and now run a small business. Its new and doesn't pay enough at the moment to afford a nice place. We have another child on the way and were interested in moving here for awhile til my business gets better. I don't want my family in a crime infested neighborhood so we want to move away from the inner city. And everytime we find a good location like this. It has to be full of wild ------ that make things unsafe for white working class families like mine. Its called forced integration. A calculated measure by liberal commie scum to undermine our culture and society. All the predominately white areas are super expensive due to lack of crime, drugs, gangs, and these areas are mostly quiet and safe to walk around at night. I wish I could be granted special status based on my race and number of kids. But that won't happen and I don't expect it. I work for what's mine! Not sit and welfare or sell drugs and destroy everything that their black hands touch. Multiculturalism is a disease that not only destroys my race but all others who partake in it. If I do decide to live here I am also a second amendment supporter and if anyone tries to hurt my family or I it will be the last thing they every do.
your just plain dumb and ignorant and sad, however you have so much to say but remain anonymous, wise decision. If your so high class why the hell do you live there, those apartments are cheap and are based on income. sounds like to me your where you can afford to be therefore no different
btw my husband is black and my children are mixed, and we are NOT on welfare, he has a great paying job and works everyday. u probably collect disability since ur probably from back in the day when people used different drinking fountains.
those are very funny comments but since it is government housing you should move to summerlin since you are high class.what is a person like you doing in governmental housing anyway you are much to advance to live around of ------ who get special treatment because obama is in office,thats funny obama is probably the reason you are able to live there. maybe you should advance in life so you don't have to deal with these things but until you do better yourself don't complain trust me with views like yours I bet someone wish you leave and move to nellis blvd.i see you posted anonymous guess you dont believe in what you are saying so it means you are racist to bad its 2011 deal with it 1960s are well over.

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