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Villas at Desert Pointe
895 Sierra Vista Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89109
1 User Response

We just moved in here on 3/2/12. This place is gross, we want to get out of our lease too. The roaches is a huge problem, me and my husband have both been sick. We do our dishes and Laundry and put them in totes right away. This place does not feel like home at all, we can't even unpack. We are just trying to keep the place as clean as possible so our little guy does not get sick. We had to put our job search on hold for the first three weeks because all our time and money was due to trying to clean this filthy place. I asked for some kind of compensation for what we have been through already, but all they can do is give me $100 off rent. These apartments are not worth the price. They need to be condemmed, I wish they would have told us about the critters and how dirty everything was before we signed that damn lease. I wish the people in the office had to live here and live out of totes as well and worry about getting sick. It is not right to charge people to live in these conditions. I am not paying my rent this month if we get kicked out it would be a blessing, our old landlord in Minnesota wants us back so I know it is not our fault. We are great tenants, but I don't agree with living in this hell hole and paying for it. I don't like the concept of paying rent for the cockroaches to have a place to live. It does stink here.

User photo uploaded on 03/30/2012
I've looked into breaking my lease already, the penalty is the 1st months rent since it was free!! I have found another place to live already I just need to come up with the deposit etc so I can move. Hopefully it will be by the end of April. I'm tired of living with roaches, I also live out of plastic bins.

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