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My unit is the Windsor its one bedroom one bath and a den. Rent is 735.00 but..You also pay common area electric (this is Junes bill) 7.83, Sewer 22.87, Trash 10.51, water 13.08, service fee 3.75 with all those charges rent is about 793.00. Last month s bill was 803.64. I m not sure if larger apartments are the same but our electric bill ranges from 40.00-80.00. Now no one was at our apartment for 2 months we turned off the AC close windows ETC. and we still had an electric bill of $45. 33. Gas is about 22.00 a month. There s a lady she has curly brown hair and thin I m sure everyone who comes will know who I m talking about well she s nice at first but after you sign your lease she s rude she might be Bipolar. We did not sign our lease with her but I have had to request maintenance to come and fix things, and it seems like she s annoyed. Okay now the carpet. It s clean at first but after awhile spots appear (we have no kids or pets and we take off our shoes) but what happens is that the people who lived here before I guess would spill things carpet cleaning only cleans the top layer not the foam (I think that s what it is) so I guess the bottom layer is still stained and as you walk on your carpet with time the stains will re appear. They should either get a new carpet cleaner or put new carpet every two years or something. I think living at one of the apartments further from the office would be a bad idea there s some characters around there and it seems like it s loud. I go over there to pick up my mail. We won't be renewing our lease because to be quite honest the people in the office are rude, and the gates probably close 3 times a month (the exit gate closes but not the entry gate.) The apartments are nice inside but I have seen better Please shop around we had no time to shop around . The only thing you can have on your patio is patio furniture, plants and I think that s it you can t have anything hanging on the rails like satellites. Theres a pig farm near by that I think makes Manure at night it smells for about 3 hours but you will get used to it in 8 months.:) Another thing the alarm system is pointless!!!

Last Updated: 09/22/13

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