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Meadowood Apartments
6200 Meadowood Mall Cir, Reno, NV 89502
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I live here now and I am so tired of living here. I thought it was a good deal for a two bedroom but I just can't take the area anymore. There is a lot of crime around here, gang graffiti constantly on the buildings. Fights in the parking lots, abandoned cars everywhere so there is less places to park. Management turns their head as long as they are getting their rent. The apartment I have has broken doors on the cabinets, the counters are scratched up to a point it looks disgusting, the kitchen light is hanging out of the ceiling by wires, paint on the walls is two different colors in spots like tan and white. Everything was supposed to be repaired before I moved in but that never happened. The neighbors are extremely loud, you can smell weed real bad, constant loud mexican music vibrating my floor. It looks like a really ghetto area, I was new to Reno so I didn't know. I used to live in some bad parts of different cities but I am past that in my life, this place ranks pretty high on the bad side.

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