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Historic Knickerbocker Apartments

175 Jay Street, Albany, NY 12210
% Recommended
City Average

I am a senior currently attending one of the local private colleges in the area. I lived in the dorms/college suites for two years before deciding to strike it one my own off campus. The Knickerbocker fit my price requirements, $600… Full Review ▶


I moved into the Knickerbocker in August 2014 and so far have had a very positive experience. There is staff on the property constantly fixing and monitoring things. Dan replies to my emails within 24 hours always, and often he replies… Full Review ▶


RUN! AWAY! New landlords as of the summer of 2013 have taken this place that was on the up and up and turned it into the ghetto! Took away the game room/library. Disabled all the security cameras. Hallways are now constantly… Full Review ▶


I just moved in to the knicker bocker aprts they are prtty nice but they arent all worth the price an they want 975 security plus 650 for firstrent no game room 1 washer an 1 dryer vending machine yes cable… Full Review ▶


Mice. Many, many Mice. Full Review ▶


The Knickerbocker is under new management and although I was told not to live here by people who had rented here in the past, I am so happy I moved in. The new management keeps the place clean they have added… Full Review ▶


In 1848 this was Amstel Brewery. In 1908 they made it into hotel/apts. The Knickerbocker is an eccentric place! I have experienced spiritual activities. The tenants are friendly. It is absolutely intriguing & draws you in historically. Each apartment here is… Full Review ▶


This building is under new ownership and under new management!!!!! This has been a great building to move into, there is now 24 restricted access, 24 hour laundry facility on site with new machines. They have a new maintenance staff available… Full Review ▶


This place is a dump....but I was willing to deal with that because of the short term lease. As it turns out, the short term lease is just a scam for Charles (the owner) to steal additional security deposits. Stay away… Full Review ▶


These apartments have the most character, best management and best tenants of any apartment building or complex I have ever lived in. I just moved in two weeks ago and Charles, his wife and Brent have been very accommodating, helpful and… Full Review ▶


First and foremost, before looking, You need to understand that building was first a brewery in the mid-1850's, and was converted to apartments at some point in the 1920's. So no, the apartments do not have the exact same amenities that… Full Review ▶


Yeah, the building is located in a so-called decent part of town. You're surrounded by a bunch of upstate transplants who liken Lark Street to the Las Vegas Strip. Everyone in the building claims to be a poet or an artist… Full Review ▶


I would like to begin this review by stating my purpose for writing one (and I am not, nor have ever been an employee or had any tie to the building before living here). I am a recent graduate of Saint… Full Review ▶

Prospective Resident

All I can say that if you can walk into this DUMP and pay to live there, you must be a druggie, criminal, hopeless alcoholic, mental case,etc. It is simply not fit for humans....It stinks to high heaven, animals run freely… Full Review ▶


I moved up to Albany for a six month internship with the Assembly, not knowing anyone hear and consequently a bit overwhelmed; without the support of the warm and caring landlords Charles and Kim Winslow,along with Matilda; I would not have… Full Review ▶


I somehow got on this website because I was looking for the zip code to my new apartment (the Knick). This is the second time I've rented from Charles and Kim. Both times I was in a bind and both times… Full Review ▶

Prospective Resident

I had an appointment with Charles this past Wednesday, March 25. He wasn't there. A woman behind the desk was indifferent and rude. Someone else showed me 2 apartments--they were strange in shape and filthy. Many dogs were in the lobby--also… Full Review ▶


I live at the Knick now; and am astonished at some of the negative comments I've been reading! Sure the building's old; believe about 150 years old AAMAF; of course, there's stuff to fix! When I moved in, I was greeted… Full Review ▶


I lived at the Knickerbocker from the fall of 2005 to the winter/spring of 2007 in two separate units, and really enjoyed my time there. As a single woman living in an urban environment for the first time, I felt safe… Full Review ▶


Anyone wishing to live at the knickerbocker apartments should understand the history of the building. It is very old, and it does have it's drawbacks, but I enjoyed the time I lived there. The landlords try to make you feel a… Full Review ▶


I drove by this place the other day and saw the landlord outside, reminding me what jerk he and his wife are and how terrible my experience had been in their place. I moved into a filthy apt. with no fridge… Full Review ▶


The place is in desperate need of repairs, and not just minor work. The facade/exterior is decaying and crumbling heavily. Plumbing and heating need a major overhaul. Floors show evidence of rot - wait until you see how they slant. There… Full Review ▶


I hope that everyone that reads this post stays the hell away from the knickerbocker. The building is always dirty, always smelly, the ceiling in many of the fifth floor apartments are coming down, and water POURS into those apartments, which… Full Review ▶

Prospective Resident

I have never lived in your apartment building, but at one point was considering it while apartment hunting around Lark Street. I eventually found a place that worked for me before I managed to set up a showing with you, so… Full Review ▶


As someone who went through a messy divorce, I understand the stresses of finding a new apartment. To anyone looking, I would highly recomend this building. While they may not be the most modern apartments, the charm of the building, setting… Full Review ▶


I lived here for a summer (2007) while I interned at GE. It was perfect for what I used it for, basically sleeping, eating and showering. I had to get up early in the morning and never had trouble sleeping at… Full Review ▶


I would recommend the Knickerbocker to anyone searching for an Albany apartment. The building is located in one of the nicest neighborhoods in downtown Albany with tons of commuting options and feels very safe; the owners go out of their way… Full Review ▶


This posting comes a bit late since I officially left The Knickerbocker in August, but writing about a couple months after my departure brings back nothing but extreme and positive memories. Upon arrival at The Knickerbocker in winter, nothing would ve… Full Review ▶


The folks that own this building go out of their way to create a positive enviornment for the tenants. I will admit it is an old building, but where else can you get affordable rent including utilities. I have lived at… Full Review ▶


The people who run that building are fat nasty slobs...they have their filthy pets running around the lobby pooping everywhere omg you will be embarrassed to ever invite anyone over...Also if you have a problem in your apartment they're extremely slow… Full Review ▶


I spent a year at the Historic Knickerbocker Apartments, and have nothing but positive comments. The owners are extra friendly, and are eager to please. The clientele are people from all walks of life, and are all top notch. There are… Full Review ▶


I ve lived at the Knickerbocker for over three years and I think it s a good place to live. When you have a problem you can go right to the couple that own the building because they live here and… Full Review ▶


This could be a wonderful historic building...but the lobby has been junked up by the fat mutant-like landlords and their strange friends. The lobby has this floral pattern wallpaper, nasty couches and glass cases with these ridiculous figurines. It looks like… Full Review ▶


Yeah they say all utilities are included but in the winter I froze (very little heat). Soooooo many mice,I caught about 7 and I lived there less than a year (disgusting). Very old building, smells bad. Last summer while walking down… Full Review ▶


I did not live here but then again i refuse to! I recently looked at a apartment here, It was SMALL, I mean i have had bathrooms almost the same size!!! The parking well...there is none! The place smells like cat… Full Review ▶


This place truly is very unique in its sense of community. The owners are a fun-loving couple who do their best to keep the place in as best shape as possible. Its an old building and you have to give them… Full Review ▶


Sure, you can always have a typical, sterile, anywhere apartment with no sense of place. But if you like being part of a real community, this is absolutely the place. On-site husband-and-wife landlords with colorful stories to tell, a love of… Full Review ▶


I and my girlfriend were here for two and a half months during the summer of 2005. The experience was good, with the exception of one caveat, which I will mention below.

You simply have to know what you're getting into. The… Full Review ▶


This building is over 120 years old, and it shows it. All the floors are uneven, the floors are sinking, and the plumbing has its issues. I knew all of this coming in, but I couldn't beat the price and the… Full Review ▶

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BedsBathsEstimated Rent
Studio1 $ 600
11 $ 1006


  • Cats Allowed

  • Small Dogs Allowed

  • Large Dogs Allowed

  • Pet Deposit Required

  • Pet Rent Required

  • Some Breeds Restricted

  • Laundry On-Site

  • Laundry in Units

  • Laundry Connections in Unit

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