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Northway Eleven Communities

1 Cass Court, Ballston Lake, NY 12019
% Recommended
City Average

I highly recommend Northway Eleven! There are always going to be problems no matter what apartments you live in. When I picked the apartments I wanted to live in I based my decision on their reviews. So here you go.... Yes… Full Review ▶


There is a big mold problem, Appartments needs up dating big time. All the appliances are old and both stove and fridge are almond color,dish washer is white. Same with washer an dryer one white the other almond. Really not a… Full Review ▶


I have been a resident in a flat for the last 6 years and have no intent on moving out in the near future. For what I pay, there is no better value when you consider you get an attached garage… Full Review ▶


If you're looking for a decent area to live in between Saratoga and Albany, this would be the area but these apartments ruin it. The only thing that was good about this place WAS good neighbors. So much for that now.… Full Review ▶


I have lived here for 5 years and it was always amazing. My downstairs neighbors have lived here over ten years and they always said fantastic things as well. However, management is very aware of illegal activities and tenants that continue… Full Review ▶


My husband took a job in the area & we had to quickly find a place for him to live in until I could also relocate. We rented at N'way 11 from Mid-2005 to early 2006. The rental office was very… Full Review ▶


My wife and I lived at Northway 11 for a year before purchasing a home. We had one of the townhomes w/ AC in Margent Court. The apartment is of average size for the price but the nicest part was that… Full Review ▶


This review is more on the interesting line than an actual review. We lived at Northway11 about 25 years ago. We'd come from a student dump in Troy (I worked in Clifton Park), so although this was a higher rent (expected)… Full Review ▶


What attracted me to this apartment was what you got for the price, a garage, laundry room, two bedrooms and two bathrooms. However after living here for several years i started noticing more and more problems. The worst is the walls.… Full Review ▶


I have been very happy with Northway Eleven! I have lived here for a year now, and the apartments are nice, recently updated and clean. The layout of the place is smart, with light switches conveniently placed near doorways in and… Full Review ▶


I've been a resident of Northway Eleven Communities for 5 years now. I've seen people come and go in my neighborhood. The one thing I do like is that there have not been many families with small kids in my area… Full Review ▶


I was pleased with my stay at Northway 11. The office and maintenance staff were always helpful when I needed something. Compared with other apartments in the area, Northway 11 is quite cost effective. Considering the cold winters here, having heat… Full Review ▶


In the past two years I have seen the quality of the renters go down along with more moving out and empty places for longer periods of time. Maintenance is a laugh, Time Warner Cable has been telling them for years… Full Review ▶


I have lived here more than 10 years. By comparison, tha aprtment homes are nice and rent has been reasonable. Maintenance has been great. They have been courteous, prompt and efficient with repairs and the grounds are well maintained. Do not… Full Review ▶


I have only lived here for about 5 months now, the space is great I have a full basement, my husband and I love it. We had a bit of a ladybug problem around october-november, I havent really lived here through… Full Review ▶


We have lived at Northway 11 for 4 years and for the most part have been relatively satisfied, I guess we have lower standards. Lately management is on a parking kick, although we've had no problems or complaints in our neighborhood.… Full Review ▶


Quick responses by the maintenance staff, even after hours. Grounds kept clean and neat. Rules are enforced which prevent trash, etc. from accumulating outside. Parking would be great if everyone followed the "1 car in garage and 1 car in parking… Full Review ▶


(FLAT) Northway Eleven communities has been a pleaseant stay for me for the full year I have been there. 1. The rent price is outstanding especially for all the ammenities you get. Two bedrooms, washer & dryer, one and a half… Full Review ▶


I have lived at NW11 since 2001. I love it. One car garage (great in the winter) - washer and dryer - 2 1/2 baths - it's great. My neighbors have been great. The maintenance crew is outstanding. The grounds are… Full Review ▶


I thought it was too good to be true to get 2 bed 1.5 bath, Spacious kitchen, a attached garage, and a washer and dryer and it was good for one year, then it was the the little things that added… Full Review ▶


If you are looking for a quiet neighborhood this is not it. For people who do not have children... there are kids EVERYWHERE. I have had kids standing in the middle of the road and not move, I have had kids… Full Review ▶


I lived there for 3 years and just had to move. I miss it already. I never had any maintenance issues that weren't solved within 24 hours, and the staff was kind and courteous. The apartment was far better than most… Full Review ▶


My wife I have lived here for 2 years. The second year was the worst! We waited 3 weeks for an exterminator, and are still waiting over 4 months now for the fridge to be fixed or replaced. The fridge "clunks"… Full Review ▶


Ample space. The problem that I have is the "wild life" that always seem to come out at both night and day. During the day - there are rabbits and squirrels everywhere and some other type of furry animla - ot… Full Review ▶


Great 2 bedroom. Large kitchen and living room. Garage w/ additional storage in laundry area. Washer/dryer in each apartment. Plenty of parking. Snow removal generally pretty quick and thorough. Full Review ▶


I'm a young professional female and have lived in Northway Eleven for over 12 years now. My first apartment was an upstairs flat but after one year, I upgraded and moved into the townhouse that I am still in now. I've… Full Review ▶


We have lived at Northway 11 for about 8 months and love it. After living in Clifton Park for awhile it was nice to get away from the ever growing area. If you have a problem they come right away to… Full Review ▶


The apartments are clean and spacious. You can't get anything better for the price. you get your own garage and washer and dryer. the bathrooms are awsome and I love the size of the kitchen. trust me, for the price, you… Full Review ▶


Full Review ▶


We rented between selling and buying a house. It's very pleasant...families, trees, grass. Tons of storage space..washer, dryer. $50.00 extra per month to rent for 6 months. Very helpful when we moved out. Full Review ▶


Renters Beware!!!! The following is on official record with the local health and building authorities.

On 9/6/04 at approximately 11AM I arrived home from the holiday weekend to find my main bathroom toilet had flooded that room, my bedroom, living room and… Full Review ▶


Maintenance seem to just show up unannounced. They don´t seem to care about the privacy laws to tenants. They were repairing my front porch, the whole thing was being torn up and my stuff that was on the porch was just… Full Review ▶


The apartments were great. The price was very reasonable. The problems were that maintence is in your apt at least once a month to "check up on things." Also, there are NO pets allowed. We had to leave b/c we wanted… Full Review ▶

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BedsBathsEstimated Rent
21 $ 1248
21.5 $ 875
22 $ 969
22.5 $ 1177


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