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Co-Op City
2049 Bartow Avenue, Bronx, NY 10475
9 User Responses

I have lived in Co-op City for over 9 years. I also had many friends whom I visited in the area when I was young. It was really bad in the late 80's to the mid 90's however, things seem to be slowly getting better. I am in one of the better Chevron buildings and my floor is spotless. All of my neighbors obviously take pride in their apartments. There has been a lot of bad press lately due to weapons being fired in the community. We need to get all the section 8 people out. We also need a more diverse resident base. The complex would benefit from people who were more involved and better informed. I would love to see this place become the COOPerative it was meant to be (and I hear once was). If you are lucky enough to get an apartment that is not near loser tenants, then this is a good place to start a life. Just don't move to a tower building ...they are like the projects. Ask for a Chevron or Triple Core Unit. On a more positive note - we do have new elevators, new laundry rooms and lobby attendants (although I am not impressed with the latter). The other thing that is nice is that we can view the lobby and laundry room (cameras in those areas) via our TV's on a certain channel. All in all it's better than Parkchester and unless you are going to move to Styvesant Town or Peter Cooper Village in the city you won't get another apartment as big as this. Unless you like the Concourse.....

Yes, I agree with some of the anonymous comments as far as some of those knuckleheads thinking that all section 8 people are ghetto. I'm on section 8 yet I'm a proud Marine Corps vet who also works for the VA but just don't happen to make enough to afford a decent apartment and pay the rest of my bills. Don't be fooled by the fact that because I work for the VA we all make good money...I'm barely scraping a living and hopefully when more openings are available, I'll be able to get a better position and salary and won't have to depend on section 8 anymore.
I work in coop city an its a pay grade above the projects. The tenants think they're living on 5 th ave. Several occasions working overnite windows have been blasted out. The cops ticket you for being a minute late to the meter. A lot of the old people are rude. Children falling from balconies. Ppl trying to jump off of balconies. Ive lived in the south bronx for 9 years, live on the first floor, and i have my windows and my children hvent been shot.FYI: I don't know where people get thier information, but ppl who hve section 8 do work and some dont, just as people who don't have section 8. It's wrong to put down any ppl receiving a section 8 voucher, regardless of color. It's not to be permanent but to help you get your family ahead regardless of dire circumstances. Honey it's ppl like you who stereotype before knowing the facts. I'm sure you're one of those ppl who think all black ppl stink, all Jews are cheap and the ricans do nothing but have babies. Ignorance makes me sick....
These uncle toms- ------ and Spanish people got some nerve to categorize section 8 people as being ghetto(it is a general statement). And if this individual is white ... PLEASE. Funny, because co-op city is not the Hampton or Park avenue its not even in Throg's neck league, how dare these people living here of color (yes Spanish included B/C you guys are not white)insult section 8 people. decent people... humph. define decency. Miss all city the title states 'decent working class people'...clearly the author is comparing in his/her words decent working class people in contrast to section 8 people --- it is a general term... it is an indirect statement No I am not on section 8 and never was I make 50,000 annually
I do not agree with poster Jasbella LOL I say... we do have too many section 8 people. The title of the post was needs more DECENT WORKING CLASS PEOPLE. No one said that they were all ghetto, so stop taking it personally. I guess you are a resident on section 8? Anyway the truth is we need more diversity here and more decent working class people who care and are willing to participate in the community.
I am in the process of applying for an apartment in Co-Op City. With all the negativity that I have been reading I've been having second thoughts. But then I read your yes response and a couple of others and it makes me think maybe I should give it a try. I am a single female and I am looking for a neighborhood that will allow me to feel safe. What section is a good section to look into? I would really appreciate any advise that you might have in helping come to my final decision.

Thank you.
Anyone receiving Section 8 in co-op City did not buy their apartment using that subsidy. It is only available to existing shareholders who qualify after moving in. That means when they moved in their income had to be enough to support the monthly carrying charge and at least a year or more had to pass before they could qualify for section 8. Incidently we are tenant-stockholders many of the residents don't realize that and have no sense of pride in the community. look at the website www.freecoopcity.com
Your comment about section 8 tenants was not appropriate. Not everyone that are on section 8 are rude, obnoxious, people from the ghetto or any of that. You do not have the decision to "take out" all section 8 tenants. They obviously have the right to live there as so do you. So please do not put them down.
check out http://www.riverbaycorp.com/newrb/
The riverbay site contains lots of information and floorplans to help you out.
What is a Chevron or Triple Core Unit? I am in the process of applying for an apartment in Co-Op-City, although I have yet to send the application and would appreciate the answer to this question so as this will assist me in my decision.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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