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Rosedale Gardens
1810 Bruckner Boulevard, Bronx, NY 10473
3 User Responses

Rosedale Gardens is located between 2 NYCHA developments, split by a busy highway, and in an area full of many large low income public housing complexes. More on this later.

First of all the area is horrible. There are a lot of gangs and obvious drug activity. Robbery is very common, I even got to witness an elderly women get stomped on a sidewalk outside my building in the afternoon for a purse recently. Stomped, an old women. Vandalism is common, the building itself gets sprayed with graffiti every once and a while. The scars remain. Gunshots are pretty common sounds. Police will raid the neighboring buildings for drugs every once and a while, making it unsafe to even walk by or become at risk for getting arrested in the sweep.

Public transportation sucks, it's too long (and too dangerous) a walk at night. The local bus only runs once an hour after midnight. The buses themselves are slow.

Now remember I mentioned the NYCHA, this complex is litterally connected to a large low income housing project. The Monroe Houses. At first glance it is hard to tell the difference, minus the fact the Rosedale Gardens buildings have somewhat cleaner, better kept grounds IN COMPARISON. The Monroe Houses take up a much larger land area, about 3 times the size of Rosedale Gardens so they are a very significant presence. They are absolutely filthy, even worse then the complex being reviewed.

Next maintaince/pollution. Besides the fact the buildings are located across from a major highway (Bruckner Expressway) and all the air pollution/noise from that, the locals keep the building disgusting. Trash in the halls, stairwells, elevator, grounds. Roaches, mice. It's the people more then it is the maintaince when it comes to filth so I will give them that. Although the buildings are old and used and you know how that is.

Honestly it's a lot like the projects in all directions around it. What do you expect. I would not recommend it to anyone. I grew up here but I am moving very soon.

Last Updated: 10/29/07
I live in the area (not the projects or stevenson comons) but the area is not as bad as the post from Anonymous. Can the neighborhood improve? Yes, as many areas can. It's much better than the south bronx (Melrose section). Happy for you "missg818" three of my sisters moved to ATL and all depends where you live. They have some "not so well kepted" areas there too. Jobs are not easy to get in ATL. Not to mention "racism." I thank God that my sisters have great jobs, by the grace of God and education. I must say they do have nice homes; anyone can get a home in GA. They give mortages to just about anyone in GA. Peace, love and blessing to us ALL.
I grew up in 1810 Bruckner Blvd from the early 60's to the late 70's. Lived there before the Bruckner was built. Growing up there was an absolute pleasure. But that was during a time when people had common sense, respect and dignity for themselves and where they lived. We were thought to be the "clean" part of Monroe. Sorry to hear the neighborhood has gone down tremendoulsy since I lived there. What a shame and a pity. A sign of the times and an indicator of the shape of the world we live in. God help us all.
Wow!!! I lived in the area for thirty years. I moved to Georgia 8 years ago and that was the best decision I could have made. I resided in Carol Gardens (Story Ave. & Thieriot Ave.) for twenty years, then I moved to Stevenson Commons. My stay at Stevenson was very unpleasant. The dwelling is filled with gang violence, uncontrollable dogs, trash, rats, poor maintenance, no elevators, and unsafe conditions for children. After preparing for 2-3 months, I packed my things and moved my son and I to Georgia. I am now a homeowner and feel much safer in my own home. Leaving that area was the best move I made. I visited the Bronx, June 12-14, 2008. It is still filled with the same activity I left years ago. Again, relocation was the ticket to my happiness. PS I opened my own business. The south has it own issues, but it gives a family an opportunity at entrepreneurship and homeownership.

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