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Spring Creek Towers
1255 Pennsylvania Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11239
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i just recieved a letter for an interview my income is not great am 24 rent a room i go to school and work but i was told that they might put me in the hud program. my question is would i have to be approved for the building first then wait to be put into the hud program?

Hi, I'm 25yrs old, and I am looking for my first apartment. I lived in Canarsie most of my life and always drove by Starret City/Spring Creek and I want to apply for an apartment. After reading a lot of reviews, there seems to be mixed reviews. nonetheless, i still want to apply. i work 37.5hrs a week with a salary a little over $46,000. is that an issue? some ppl say if you make too much its not good. but i dont know what the cut off is. also, im in grad school and i graduate spring 2014, and i wanted to get an apartment by summer 2014. if i apply now, will that give me enough time to hear back from them? i hear its a long process. any info will help! thanks!
Here's an update I went for my interview march 2012 brought in my documents I was told I didn't have have enough hours I would have to be on a waiting list until I can bring on pay stubs saying I work 35 hours a week at the time I did have paystubs saying I work 35 hours however I worked two jobs so combined it was 35 hours they want one employer that I work 35 hours for smh now am with child I desperately need an apartment I lost one of my two jobs had to move back with my mom And my brother refuse to give back my room since my mom only has a two bedrooms so am sleeping on the couch smh unbelievable and this is a 23 year old man who hasn't worked a day in his life I have worked since I was 15 am 25 now in school this semester is my last sorry about my life story but wanted to vent a lil anyway a friend of mine gave me an idea she is willing to apply get a two bedroom under her name as head of household with me since she has 35 hours then after the lease is up transfer it to my name question would the 2 bed become based on my income since I make less then her ?
It took me at least 5 months before i had recv'd my interview notice. And as far as the income requirements, I too am insearch to verify that answer and the number @ 718-642-7368 doens't know how to retrun calls to schedule an appt for you to be interview. Best thing is to go to office once letter is recv'd to schedule an appt. Be careful because some of the staff members are very nasty with their attitude.
Does anyone know approximately how long it takes to receive a letter in the mail for an interview?
I received a letter in the mail also...I applied back in July after seeing an ad in the paper...How long after the interview do they call you for an apartment?
You said you recieved a letter for an interview in January. How long did you wait before you recieved this letter? Becasue i heard you have to submit your application months in advance before they write you back. How long would you say you waited? When did you apply?
What is the income requirements for a 2 or Three bed room.
Whatever program STARRETT puts you in is based on your income. You do not have to apply for the programs and although they are city programs they cannot be used outside of Starrett

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