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Ambassador Apartments
175 North Street, Buffalo, NY 14201
1 User Response

Terrible building management, and a horrible company to rent from.
Employees are disrespectful, undereducated, and very difficult to work with. Complaints are met with condescension through vacant eyes and trashy demeanor (Think Cheektowaga meets Black Rock)
All renovations/improvements are done half-assed.
Maintenance was great for a while, but has since gone down hill.
Used to be "You get what you pay for" sort of attitude, which was fine, however rent has skyrocketed (or rumored to) and service remains the same.
Laundry facilities are a joke. 4 (usually 3) working coin-op washing machines and dryers for 80 apartments.
Elevators break down almost weekly.
If you like to pay good money to be treated like you're inferior and living in a dorm (Letters slipped under your door, constant flow of "Memos" posted on walls EVERYWHERE) then this is the place for you.

100% Kissiling is trash low people manage this property management office with NO manners or education. Do your self a favor and stay away.

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