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I suppose the community is only as good as the residents' respect for it, but often you'll find dirty hallways, garbage that folks are too lazy to take out to the dumpster lying around for days, lazy "Community assistants" (although the maintenance staff is pretty good). Where they fail are they do provide the basics - sure - they're required to, but the extra amenities aren't well kept (the gym was often dirty, again - a problem with community respect) and damaged. The gym was a major problem - the treadmills were not safe - you'd start running at top speed and they'd cut out on you, they'd also shock you on occasion - when they worked you could at least get a 10-minute run in before the belt just stopped dead. It's a testament to the poor management this sort of thing was permitted to continue. Also in the gym, small things like benches were out of commission for months. Other amenities like the pool were often abused and used by folks not from the community, there was a lack of controls there.

Parking and property design was also a problem - part of the reason the hallways were dirty was that there wasn't dumpsters near several buildings - of coarse the real reason is the lack of respect the community showed to the facilities: in one stretch we had several evacuations because folks didn't know how to cook or perhaps worse - fire alarms were frequent (and sometimes occurred as late as 4AM). This place is a nightmare - management and residents that just don't care - and it shows. It looks nice from the outside (although culturally it doesn't "fit" in the Buffalo Niagara region - it's a bland, homogenized straight from Texas) but when you start to pick away the layers of, shall we say - cheapness - in construction, management and maintenance - you can do better elsewhere.

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