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Hickory Hill Estates
100 Kelly Drive, East Aurora, NY 14052
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When you think of an apartment complex in East Aurora, you think quiet, friendly, and pleasant; however, once you get to Hickory Hill Estates, don't let what you see on the outside deceive you! The staff, including Manager, -----------, Office Assistant, ----------, and Maintenance, "-----," are all useless, rude, and NEVER apologize for any inconveniences, nor answer/return telephone calls. Although "-----" lives onsite, he never responds to maintenance calls until after a few complaint calls and hours/days of frustration! It amazes me that management puts up with this; although, management is just as incompliant. The individuals that they do answer and go running to, are the constant complainers that are actually indeed causing the problems themselves in buildings. Renters smoke in the apartments, renters have cats that urinate throughout, smelling the entire building, and the police have been at the complex on numerous occasions as a result of noise complaints. All in all, East Aurora is supposed to be an enjoyable and pleasant town, and if that's what you're looking for - DO NOT go to Hickory Hill Estates.

Last Updated: 04/15/12

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