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Broadway Knolls
Dolphin Lane, Holbrook, NY 11741
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There is a registered sex offender who lives on site. See attachment or link. Why are there no warning flyers on the community bulletin board, playground, cyber cafe, or club house room? Or even better, why is this offender who is not on the lease still living at Broadway Knolls? Broadway Knolls probably doesn't want to lose the rent money. Would the office personnel lie and say he is no longer living on site(even though it is probably against the law)... I wouldn't be surprised. That should be enough said.

For more information on the registered sex offender go to The Official New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services website below and search the registry for Holbrook zip code 11741. The click Grove,Fred in the list.


Hope this helps. I would be happy to answer your questions. Reply to this comment.

Last Updated: 04/21/11
If you search for that individual he has been detained in the Riverhead jail as of 8/8/2011. Checking the website there are no listed offenders residing within Broadway Knolls at the moment also as of 8/8/2011.
As stated in the original comment, the registered sex offender is not on the lease. A letter was sent to the residents a few months ago from the management office stating he is not listed on a lease. He still resides at Broadway Knolls according to The Official New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services website. I don't know much about the school district. As far as utilities, nothing is included. They actually charge extra for water and garbage on top of the rent. See the other reviews. The complex uses gas, not oil. The gas and electric bills vary depending on how much you use. Broadway Knolls also threatens that you keep the heat up and water faucets running during the winter. If you do not and a pipe bursts, they claim you may be liable to pay for damages (don't know if that is legal). On a positive note, the insulation isn't great, but not bad either. So the apartment stays warm during the winter and cool during the summer.
Wow, this is bad, so is this guy currently living there or is he in jail? Anyway, I wanted to ask if the school district is good and the name of the elementary school , also is there any utility included in the rent and if not, what are the average oil and electric bills over there? Thanks
Typically...If a person becomes a registered sex offender AFTER passing all apartment rental background checks...and they are already living on the property, they can not be kicked off. That would be discriminatory and illegal. They need a place to live too. You may want to inquire with the office and ask them to look into whether or not this person is living here legitimately (they are listed on a lease, and they have been background checked in the first place). But as I said if they committed this act and became a sex offender after passing all lease and background checks, you're pretty much out of luck...unless they can be caught doing something illegal of course. Good Luck.

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