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90 Washington Street
90 Washington Street, New York, NY 10006
1 User Response

They still haven't returned my security deposit and it's been almost 3 months since moving out and leaving the apartment in excellent condition.

Even though I liked the appearance of the building, I moved due to the huge rent hike at renewal (over $500/month increase) and hidden fees for use of common areas/gym that are supposed to be included in the rent. Like other reviewers, I got the impression that they were desperate to milk fees out of people - it makes me wonder if they might be in financial trouble. Fees would materialized with no advance notice.

For example, for a long time they used to let you bill the rent monthly to your credit card with no extra fees. Then, suddenly started charging exorbitant fees without even giving you the courtesy of a month's notice to allow tenants to plan accordingly. I had to scramble to cancel their auto-pay authorization AND move money between accounts to pay rent on time. Seemed like it was designed to force you to either (1) pay the surprise, exorbitant credit card fee or (2) pay a late fee because you had no time to make alternative arrangements for payment).

It is also like pulling teeth to get management to speak to you. They never return emails or phone calls, and never pick up the phone.

When I gave notice of moving out, they thought they were entitled to bring people into my apartment all day, every day without even giving me any notice (what if you are in the shower, or sleeping?) I highly doubt whether this is legal, and it made the last several weeks very stressful and uncomfortable, as I couldn't enjoy any privacy in my own home.

Overall, I was very disappointed in both the owner and management company. They have a lot to learn about retaining tenants and treating people with respect. When I was moving out, I was one of many who were leaving after only one year. My entire floor seemed to change residents during my time there, so I assume people get upset with being taken advantage of and leave after their first year.

Don't let the nice-looking hallways and lounge trick you - it was not a pleasant experience living there and being treated without respect by the management.

This is crap- management always tries their best to manage the 300 unit building. Furthermore; in the lease the owner can show your apartments 60 days before your lease is up! Leasing waits 30 days before and usually calls-- also notices are sent out if any accommodations are needed and if you do not respond then leasing assumes it is ok to show the apartment

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