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222 East 34th Street, New York, NY 10016
3 User Responses

I see a lot of bad reviews on here about the building manager, ---- Athens. Well, I've met the guy and it's obvious why everyone (probably all old dudes) has their panties in a twist about him: the guy is a Golden God! Sure he's a little quiet, but I've always found him to be professional, considerate and fair. Of course, my last building manager looked like Icabod Craine so I may be a little more vulnerable to his charms than you guys. P.S. To those of you whining about the sirens from the ambulances on 34th St., please leave NYC forever and don't come back.

He's utterly charming if he chooses you as his beard. Otherwise he's a ------ person at best and at worst a total --- from the midwest who desperately wants to fit in.
---- athens just so you know is bisexual, more into man than women and his boss ----------- is another raging queen so of course your comment about golden god is true, all gay guys take good care of themselves
Hi ----!

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