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Chili Heights Apartments

555 Audino Lane, Rochester, NY 14624
% Recommended
City Average

Terrible Complex. I'd go with what other people have said and stay far away from Chili Heights. Kids are extremely wild here and the noise is terrible. We have kids in our building that hang in the hallway and sound like… Full Review ▶


The place is an absolute dump. During the Spring and Summer there is constantly trash all over, there is constantly dog crap everywhere. The Laundromat is always a mess, multiple machines are always broken, there's constantly dirty underwear and other clothes… Full Review ▶


The inside of the apartments are good, but when you enter the common hallway it smells like cat piss...lots of Dog poop everywhere even though the lazy owners are suppose to pick it up. Garbage galore!!!! I don't there is matience… Full Review ▶


i just want to say what a great job the maintenance dept.Does of cleaning out the snow from a storm.Not only do they plow the snow but also help people who get stuck in the snow. Great Job Thanks Full Review ▶


I won't waste your time listing the plethora of problems there are in the complex. I'll just advise you to stay away from this complex at all costs. I've been here 2 years and the place is an absolute dump, management… Full Review ▶


I have lived in chili heights for two years. Every one is so nice that works here, Dan in maintenance is always smiling, Ashley in the office is friendly and willing to help with anything she is able to. There are… Full Review ▶


Very nice place to live! Maintenance is great, --- is always helpful and goes out of his way to help all of the tenants! The people in the office are great, ----------------- are amazing and it never takes long to get… Full Review ▶


When I first moved into the complex a little over 10 years go it was a nice place to live. Since then the quality of living and the complex as a whole has gone drastically. It seems that management has lowered… Full Review ▶


I haven't been here long, but in this short time I have seen a drastic drop in living quality. Others have mentioned vandalism & noise, which there is in increasing amounts. In my area, no one seems to have any idea… Full Review ▶

Prospective Resident

We absolutely love this place. There is not another anywhere within 30 min. of the city that offers as much at this price( or more in most cases). We were uneasy moving to the city from southern NY and chose this… Full Review ▶


After looking at several apartment complexes, my buddy and I decided Chili Heights was the best bet. We were absolutely right. The sidewalks were always well shoveled and whenever possible the parking lots were plowed. Almost all neighbors were great and… Full Review ▶


I lived in a 1-bedroom and then a 2-bedroom during the almost 3 years I lived at Chili Heights and never had a problem. Maintenance staff responded quickly to any issues we had and we never had problems with neighbors in… Full Review ▶


There are a lot of BAD kids aged 14-17 whos parents are never around. Last night a 13 year old kid was beat up by a 17 year old kid. I have seen this 17 year old kid with his 13… Full Review ▶


This place is by far the worst run apartment complex i've ever seen. The parking lot is like driveing thru downtown Bagdad. Potholes that grow into moon craters. The pool that is never open because they can't get a lifeguard to… Full Review ▶


Yes there are kids running wild. Yes there is rampant crime / theft & vandalism, & I should know, as a victim. Renters Ins is sky high due to being a "high risk area." At least 3 neighbors love to drive… Full Review ▶


I have lived here for three years. The past manager -------, was awesome. Very professional and managed the place. Now there is vandalism, nothing gets repaired. They have told us they won't put money in to the place, and boy does… Full Review ▶


I have lived here for 3 years and every year this complex gets worse and worse. In the last year there have been 3 different tenants living in the apartment upstairs. We have complained about the current tenants at least 4… Full Review ▶


I really like the people here. Katie and the other office people are very friendly and helpful. The maintenance here is just great! Dan, John, and the rest of the crew are quick and good! I haven't found anyplace that offers… Full Review ▶


I would like to say that I've enjoyed living at Chili Heights. I feel that it is well kept both inside and out. I like how there is the availability to have a washer and dryer installed right into my apartment.… Full Review ▶


I have lived at Chili Heights for two years and have never had any issues. The staff treated me well when I was moving in and has continued to do so. When I called to have my dishwasher fixed, the maintenance… Full Review ▶


Over all, not a bad place as complexes go, but parking is nuts. NO ONE knows the lease or rules, & NO ONE enforces them. Guests are always parked in front where tenants are SUPPOSED to park(instead of in the guest… Full Review ▶


I stayed at Chili Heights for the last 2 years. Originally in a 2 bed, moved up to a 3 bed. Quality of both apartments was quite good. Had the upgraded kitchen and bathroom (nicer cabinets) in the 2 bedroom, and… Full Review ▶


Structurally, this apartment complex is nice. It has all of the amenities one would desire in the transition to buying a home. Depending on the units, you can even have a washer and dryer built in with your own hot water… Full Review ▶


I've been living at Chili Heights for three years and have enjoyed every one of them. The apartment is solid and spacious. Yes, the buildings are dated but they are quality built. They spare no expense when it comes to keeping… Full Review ▶


Chili Heights is good for college students, but if you are a working professional it isn't that great and you can do better. I have lived here for about 2 years off and on while attending RIT in two different 2… Full Review ▶


Very poor parking. The rules are never followed or enforced. Violent, criminal teens seem to own the place. Barking dogs at all hours. Loud RAP music from cars "cruising through". Fast food debris left on the front steps of buildings for… Full Review ▶


I lived in Chili Heights for over 4 years. It is great! Quiet, well maintained, no problems. The only reason I left was because the rent kept going up. Full Review ▶


The man in the red truck is AWESOME! We have not issues with snow or ice and the parking lots and sidewalks (even the mailboxes areas are clear). I was recently thinking of moving to another complex just for a change.… Full Review ▶


Chili Heights is a nice quiet complex, the walls are solid and thick so you won't hear neighbors. The grounds are well taken care of, parking lots are cleared of snow etc. 2 Parking spots are provided with each apartment, and… Full Review ▶


I love my apartment here. Good prices and very well maintained. Very nice place Thanks Chili Heights Full Review ▶


My family and I are relocating to the Roch area in a couple of months. We have spent many weekends looking for a place to live that would be a fun enviroment for the kids to adapt with. Upon visiting with… Full Review ▶


I have been living at Chili Heights for 1 year and just renewed for another. I have been extremely happy with the service dept and the office. They are always friendly and willing to handle any issues that arises. Recently divorced… Full Review ▶


I moved in about 7 months ago and have been pretty happy so far. The grounds are nice and tidy and now that the weather is improving the kids are beginning to come out. I haven't met too many of the… Full Review ▶


I have lived here for 3yrs and i like it. The staff did a great job handling the noisy college students who like to party all night. They were friendly and understanding. The grounds are cleared of snow early in the… Full Review ▶


Chili Heights does an outstanding job of maintaining the outside property - landscaping, snow removal, etc. Unfortunately that seems to leave little time/money to keep up the inside of apartments. Walls & floor are thin - you can hear neighbors well.… Full Review ▶


Chili Heights is every thing I thought it was going to be. I love the staff they are very helpfull and nice. My apartment is awesome, just big enough for my family and I. The extra storage in the basement is… Full Review ▶


Chili Heights is a great apartment complex to live in, I have lived here for 5 years and do not plan at all. I live in a two bedroom apt, very spacious, the property is always up to par. Clean and… Full Review ▶


Chili Heights is the place to live in Chili! They have an awesome staff and great 24 hour maintenance. I have never had a problem and am always happy with my home. The grounds are beautiful and everything is very well… Full Review ▶


I lived here for three years, and for the most part was very impressed. The staff is always friendly, as well as the maintenance crew. They maintenance was very quick to fix anything that went wrong, although sometimes they needed to… Full Review ▶


Would loved to have stayed longer, school finished and I was offered a job out of state. Maintenance was polite. Full Review ▶


I lived at Chili Heights for 7 years almost
I loved living there even if they never
fixed anything in the inside of the place the grounds were great. I develop algery
from mold . Had a water leak for years… Full Review ▶


Had issues with the inside of the apt.
as being fixed nothing was ever done also
they spent way to much time on the outside
of the apts. Full Review ▶


Lived there for about a year. While the rent seems very affordable at first, the electric bills skyrocket when your heat has to be turned on in the winter. I was getting bills for around $200 a month and the staff… Full Review ▶


Came to finish school at RIT (6 miles away), expected to live here for 6 months, stayed 1 year.

We visited almost all the complexes in the vicinity of RIT and this was the most reasonable, and they offered us… Full Review ▶


I have lived in this apartment for about 2 years, and I have many good things to say.
The staff is very friendly and courteous. I have had a few maintenance requests, and they have been impressively fast in taking care… Full Review ▶


Clean, well-kept up complexes; very strict rules, regulations and guidelines.

Lived in a two-bedroom complex with a room mate. Wasn´t bad at all...probably better than we would have expected as college students. However, again, there are many rules and regulations… Full Review ▶


I lived here for a year before relocating out of town. I found the staff to be friendly and professional and the complex to be well mantained. For the price you get a nice looking apartment with relatively large rooms. I… Full Review ▶


Would recommend an upper over a lower, can hear too much from above in the lower.

Could use some updates in the apartments, like a new air conditioner

Tends to be loaded with college students during the school year...so… Full Review ▶


Friendly service from the management.

Great location - 60 seconds from highway, 3 minutes from one of the ritzier Wegmans.

Solidly built buildings - soundproofs very well. Full Review ▶


For the price, location, and quality, this place is top notch. Management staff is always friendly and helpful (and office hours are very good). Maintenance has always been performed promptly. I have never had a problem with noise, but that could… Full Review ▶


Very noisy neighbors. Staff isn´t helpful. Things never get fixed right. Full Review ▶


Nice, clean, and well kept.
great value for the price Full Review ▶

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BedsBathsEstimated Rent
Studio1 $ 794
11 $ 811
21 $ 832
21.5 $ 871
22 $ 1439
31.5 $ 1287


  • Cats Allowed

  • Small Dogs Allowed

  • Large Dogs Allowed

  • Pet Deposit Required

  • Pet Rent Required

  • Some Breeds Restricted

  • Laundry On-Site

  • Laundry in Units

  • Laundry Connections in Unit

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