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176 - B Kingsberry Drive, Rochester, NY 14626
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New Castle apartments are really nice looking. The kitchen/bar and high ceilings really sell the place. I currently live in a newly remodeled building with a washer/dryer built into the kitchen which is great for busy people such as myself. Parking was always no problem because my apartment was next to the guest parking area in the leasing office building. It can be a problem for other parts of the community though.

The walls in the apartments are very thin. I can hear when my neighbors turn on the TV downstairs or when they turn on the shower in the bathroom. This lead to noise complaints for me whenever I had a few friends over. Storage areas are very tight, almost non-existent. Newcastle is reasonably priced but you have to squeeze them a lot when first getting the place and when you renew. My neighbor didn't negotiate and was paying 30 dollars less than me for a one bedroom in the same building. I work in the city and traffic turns a 15 minute drive into a 25-30 minute drive in the morning because you are pretty much forced to take 390 along with everyone else who lives in Greece. I didn't like being a half hour away from most "east side" locations either. If you own a dog, there are no walk paths. This is a real problem in the winter when you have to trudge through snowy backyards 1st thing in the morning. It is close to the highway, which I didn't really mind, but every once in a while you will hear a load crouch rocket or harley at 1am if your windows are open. Staff (Carol specifically) was a real sweetheart at first but if you have a problem she will deny responsibility for anything until you have a look at it herself. This happened to me when my carpet started to lift up due to a front door that was placed too low in the entrance way. She and her maintenance staff claimed the carpet was damaged by my dog and refused to fix it without a charge. I took pictures and threatened to sue before Carol finally agreed to look at it herself after a month of back and forth with her and her maintenance/leasing staff. She then replaced the carpet in the foyer with laminate because of the door placement that she finally recognized that was causing the problem. The grounds are alright until you walk through backyards (because there is no dog walk path) and see all the trash no one picked up along the highway fence for months/years.

To be honest, the only reason why I stayed two years is because it wasn't worth the hassle for me to move and I enjoyed the high ceilings. There are other places out there that would suit most people better than this place.

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