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60 Presidential PlazaSyracuse, NY 13202


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City Average

I disagree with most of these reviews. Are these apartments meant for a family or single mother? Absolutely not! But are they good for a student or young professional? Yes! I've lived here in the townhouses for 2 years and have… Full Review ▶


Started out a great deal! But lost hope over the years. The old management had a sale rep with Time Warner who would come out and install/service our setup, so our bill was about 25% cheaper than others who went though… Full Review ▶

Prospective Resident

I contacted the management of Madison Towers with the intention of signing a lease with the company. My mail was replied by ---------- the Assistant Manager who told me to send 2 separate money orders to her. One money order was… Full Review ▶


Cannot wait to move. So expensive for cheap fixtures. You cannot even touch the walls without forming a mark because the paint is so cheap. Rent is so expensive because 60% of the building is paid for by the government and… Full Review ▶


Noisy. Old building. Security response to drunken tenants causing raucous ineffective . Maintenance response ok but building is cheap and circa 1970. Parking can be hard to find even though paying for permit. "Gated parking" gives easy access to leaches Full Review ▶


We moved into Madison towers exactly 5 years ago at a time when we did not have much in the way of a choice because we did not have a car at that time. Proximity to the workplace was the primary… Full Review ▶


Initially the apartment seemed okay because it was spacious and close to school. I live on a higher floor so I don't get bothered by highway noise.
However, there are many things to gripe about. The building is very old, and… Full Review ▶


It's just along highway 81 , the noise is horrible. Some student live there as it not too far from university hill. But the noise can make this student hard to study at all. I'm one of SU student.

And… Full Review ▶


This apartment building is certainly not the most ideal, but if you are in the area to go to the medical school or work at the hospital it's a perfect, convenient location. You can walk to the hospital in minutes, which… Full Review ▶


Again, as other people said, very close to SUNY Hospital, can be up on the floors in 5 mins or less of walking, even in the middle of the winter. One bedrooms are indeed small. The two bedroom are a lot… Full Review ▶


The place is O.K. but after I moved out, it took almost 8 months and exactly five separate visit to the offic before I got my deposit back. Each time I when to the office to find out what the problem… Full Review ▶


Madison Towers is a 5-10 minute walk from the hospitals and downtown, making the location its prime feature. It´s great for students who need a room and don´t have a car. Unfortunately, the one-bedroom apartments are small, the windows are always… Full Review ▶

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Apartment Details

Floor Plans

2 Bedrooms: $1,271 - $1,348

  • Model

    2 Bedrooms

  • Baths


  • Sq. Ft.


  • Price


  • Model

    2 Bedrooms

  • Baths


  • Sq. Ft.


  • Price


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Features & Amenities


  • Laundry On-Site
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Pet Policy

  • Cats Allowed
  • Rent: Required
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Map & Locale

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