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Fir Hill Towers

55 Fir Hill, Akron, OH 44304
% Recommended
City Average

I've lived in Fir Hill for three years and am moving out this month as I move to Cleveland for grad school. After recently going through the process of finding a new apartment and relying heavily on reviews, I want to… Full Review ▶


Good place for a reasonable price. Close to campus and downtown Akron without putting a strain on your pocket. The leasing office is friendly and very helpful if you're having a problem. Full Review ▶


This is my first year living at Fir Hill Towers, and I loved it. The building is conveniently located near The University of Akron, which made walking to class a quick and safe journey. It is close to the highway. My… Full Review ▶


Fir Hill Apartments and its staff have left such a positive impression for us and we want to thank you and everyone involved for making our last 2 years comfortable and worry free. If for some reason we find ourselves needing… Full Review ▶


We've lived in Fir Hill for two years now and have zero complaints! It is so convenient living right next to campus. I never felt unsafe! The maintenance crew is excellent and responds timely. Once we had a toilet issue and… Full Review ▶


Although there is a security guard on the site, very few people take him seriously because he often stays in his truck in the parking lot. For this reason, there are times when our neighbors get very noisy. Maintenance does a… Full Review ▶


I have lived in fir hill for 2 years and am now renewing my lease. I like Fir Hill because it is a short walk to and from campus, the Roo comes here, and it is in a safe area. Parking… Full Review ▶


I lived here for three years before. The managers were rude. My third year rent for the 2BR/1.5 Bath was $870. If I renew the new lease for the forth year, it will be $1040, which is ridicules high! She told… Full Review ▶


This place was my first apartment experience, so my opinion is based solely off of just this single apartment experience. The rent is definitely high, but the location is awesome. I never felt nervous walking by myself on Fir Hill Street.… Full Review ▶


Lets see, where do I start. Being a college student, my expectations of an apartment where not too high, especially living in a dorm previously. However Fir Hill Towers is a little rediculous. With three other roommates I pay $302 a… Full Review ▶


I lived at Fir Hill for a year and was very satisfied with the apartment I was staying. Fir Hill is a very safe and secure location for anyone interested in living in the Akron area. It's well maintained and the… Full Review ▶


I leased a 3-month apartment here, and it's not worth it once inside. They made me pay a $150 surcharge per month for the short term lease. It hasn't been renovated for at least 40 years; everything is the same as… Full Review ▶


I have lived at Firhill for a few years. I have enjoyed my time at Firhill. It is very close to campus and has a beautiful view of downtown. I recommend an upper floor if you enjoy scenery. The management and… Full Review ▶


I'm writing this review as a warning to anybody who is seriously considering moving into Fir Hill Towers in Akron, Ohio. The management staff makes this apartment out to be the best place in town, but it is absolutely awful. The… Full Review ▶


Do not live here. I know its close to campus. They keep raising the rate for the past 3 years i lived here. They should at least give us free use of the washers. Better places to stay is in Stow… Full Review ▶


I have been living at Fir Hill Towers for several years and have enjoyed every minute of my stay. Yes, I will agree that there are some issues with parking, but you could find that anywhere. If you want to be… Full Review ▶


Here is the true story of living at Fir Hill. I've have been living here for 3 years now and I a student at the University so here is the real story... The Good: Convenience( the apartments are literally on the… Full Review ▶


Fir hill towers is hyped up a whole lot. Yes, it is price and yes they do make them look nice for when you move in. After that is when all the kinks come out from the wood work. I was… Full Review ▶


Despite the plethora of slamming user reviews, I lived at Fir Hill for 2.5 yrs in 2 separate apartments in the 77 building and always had a good experience.

First, I was in a studio and I found the layout to be… Full Review ▶


Way over priced. Penny pinching management. Frequent accounting errors. Parking is awful. Takes weeks to months to get problems fixed. Count on at least 5 ceiling leaks per year. Dorm living is better than this. Full Review ▶


Moved in in Oct., ceiling started to leak 1st trip to the managment office. Two weeks later a big hole developes from the water damage still no sign of maintence 2nd trip to the office. Week goes by still no sign… Full Review ▶


I'm a senior at U of A, I am coming up on my second year of living at the Fir Hill Tower Apartments. The only props I will give these apartments is that it's close to school, but I wish I… Full Review ▶


Yes, it is close to campus but it would be worth the drive to live somewhere else. The floors, ceilings, and walls are thin so neighbors can always be heard. Outside noise is even worse. It is impossible to get any… Full Review ▶


For students, the best deal is to get a roomie or 2 and share a three bed apt that comes with a cool balcony and a DISHWASHER. Parking IS rediculous, so plan on the $25 or whatever a month for garage… Full Review ▶


The fir hill apartment is absolutely not a good place to live for everyone. The only one thing that could be its advantage is closed to Uakron but the rest of their services, community, people, apartment looking,...etc are worst. If you… Full Review ▶


Listen.... This apt. complex may seem nice to you at first but its awful!!!!!!! the apts I must admit are very spacious BUT only b/c 3-4 college students usually stay in it! therefore rent is VERY VERY high. Parking is HORRIBLE… Full Review ▶


This was the worst decision my husband and I have ever made. We were moving to Akron quickly and only had 10 days to find a place and it looked nice enough on the web. I am told by long-time residents… Full Review ▶


Close to Akron campus, just like living in the dorms, without any discipline. Loud parties common.
But close enough to campus that you can walk to class, a definite plus.
Good place to live if wanting to stay close to campus… Full Review ▶


always problems! Do not worth your money Full Review ▶


When I lived in Fir Hill (1999-2001), the prices were not too bad. 650/month got a 2BR, 1.5 Bath apartment. However, the apartment that I was shown differed greatly from the one that I was given. When I entered the apartment… Full Review ▶


I moved here in 2001, and two years is more than I can take of this place. The level of noise is unbelievable, the windows are not soundproof so you hear everything that is happening outside. The elevators are out-of-date and… Full Review ▶

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BedsBathsEstimated Rent
Studio1 $ 774
11 $ 784
21 $ 1019
21.5 $ 477
22 $ 1117
32 $ 505


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