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Lake Pointe
4365 Long Lake Road, Batavia, OH 45103
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I sincerely do not recommend this place to anyone. At first, it seems nice, but the mgmt is so ridiculously rude. Also, nice apartments, but owned and adjacent to Eastgate Woods, where a lot of crime and not-so-great activity goes on. My car was broken into and my laptop was stolen in the parking lot not even 100 ft from the door, and another person's car was stolen and about 3 other cars were broken into as well. After filing the police report, I called the office to tell them about it and say they need to improve security, and was met by anything but sympathy. They just said I could come fill out an incident report and if enough get turned in, they might try to change something. Then I was walking my dog, and a pit bull (note there is a 25 lb weight limit here) was not on a leash and attacked my dog and myself and broke my finger. When I called mgmt about THAT, they basically said oh sorry we don't care, call the police. There is also goose poo EVERYWHERE and when it snows, forget about going anywhere because they won't even think about clearing driveways or sidewalks. Really a shame because the apartments are beautiful, but the management makes the place awful. I am moving out this month, and they finally call and ask how they can make it better so I will stay. The only way would be to fire themselves and get some better people in there.

Last Updated: 01/19/10

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