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Preston Pointe at Shannon Glen
5800 Shannon Road, Canal Winchester, OH 43110
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My girlfriend and I lived there about two years ago for a 13 month lease. And of course management was so nice at first, no problems for the first few months, it was quiet and was a nice place to live. Then about halfway though our lease we kept getting notices for dog poop on our lawn, and we did not have a dog, always getting notices for noise when in fact it was our neighbors that we tried to tell them about multiple times. Also, they said they did not allow pit bulls and large breeds of dogs, but many people had pit bulls and LARGE breeds of dogs roaming around the complex. For some reason, all our neighbors did whatever they wanted, partied outside all night, kids running around at night breaking into houses/cars, we heard gunshots a couple times, and we always got a letter on the door. Keep in mind our son was born in August of 2008 and our lease was up in December, so all this was happening while having a newborn baby. Every time we went to the office the sign said they were out on lunch or closed for the day and then you could see them inside, knock on the door and they ignore you. Could rarely ever get your parking in front our your place, it seemed like it was just a party complex, always different cars parked in front of your apartment. I worked 3rd shift and while leaving multiple times at night, guys would be drunk outside yelling and fighting, and this did not make me comfortable to leave my girlfriend and son at home all night, I told management many times and they did not know what to tell me beside call the cops. Any maintenance problems, it takes them close to a month to fix, and when they did, it was like an inconvenience for them. Always an attitude when you finally get into the office to talk to them. Never answer the phone when you call. They look at you like your an idiot with any problems you tell them. Not nice people on staff, horrible neighbors, not a god environment to live if you have a family. I do not recommend anyone moving in there at any point. Many of my friends have lived there and they had similar problems as I. And this is only a few of the problems I had in a years time. DO NOT MOVE INTO PRESTON POINTE!!

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