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Hunters Creek Apartments
9231 Hunters Creek Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45242
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BRG management has taken an ok community to live in and made it nothing but a hassle. Since taking over, there are no consistent hours to speak with management. They dont return phone calls even if you call every day of the week. Their accounts/billing is unorganized and full of errors. Three months in a row I got letters stating that I owed money, when in fact each time their records were wrong and despite going in each time I got a letter (b/c they never returned my calls) and showing them the errors. "oh you're right. That other company had things so messed up." was the answer I got each time. But all of the errors were from after BRG took over. The on-site staff always blamed corporate or the previous owners for their own mistakes. Their pool and tennis courtyard is not maintained and full of cracks. On weekends, there are non-community members that drink and smoke illegal substances since there is no one at the office and they dont limit access to the pool. They put a fresh coat of paint/siding on buildings to mask the fact that they offer highly priced, old apartments at a poorly managed community. They raised my neighbors rent without any written notice. Allow aggressive dogs and smoking tenants to live in non-smoking buildings. They now advertise a "gated" community which it is not! I do not recommend going here when there are other great communities right down the road.

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