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Bel Air Court Apartments
5400 Beverly Hills Drive, Columbus, OH 43213
2 User Responses

You better be careful going to this place. I had some issues with the staff back in 2010. Due to the unclean people that they let move next door to me, I contracted bed bugs. I had no idea, for the longest, that's what I had, due to it being summer time, and I was awaking to what I thought were mosquito bites. Well, after spotting one in my bed, I saved it, went to Lowes, and they confirmed; bedbugs. I told the management and they immediately told me that I had to pay about $1300.00 to pay for a heat treatment to get rid of them. By the time I had found out what they were, the tenants next door had already been evicted (they lasted only 2 months), but before they moved in, I never had any pest problems. The property manager told me that I had to pay for it, irregardless. I told them that I was not the one who brought them in and I had to take them to court. I had told them, before going to court, to take my security deposit, which was about $600.00. They refused, and after reviewing the Ohio Housing Codes and writing a few letters to their corporate office, in Indiana, and contacting Six on Your Side (Channel 6 news) to help and assist (which they did), I had to get a lawyer and we went to court. There was no way that I was going to be blamed for something I didn't do, so I fought it. The outcome--get this, they took the security deposit afterall. I didn't pay anything extra, except for my lawyer. What a huge waste of time. Since then, I've heard they have a new management company; also, in the lease, they make you sign a statement that if you contract bedbugs that you have to pay for the treatment to get rid of them, and also in any other apartment that contracts them due to you being the initial person who had them. They even wrote an article in the Columbus Dispatch about it, and if you don't sign the lease, then, if you are a present tenant, you have to move within 30 days, or, if a prospective tenant, you just won't be able to move in. That's too much of a hassle, and the staff was pretty ugly about it, as well as Sexton Properties, the corporate office, being just plain out disrespectul and fake. There are so many other apartments to move into around town- I just wouldn't move there.

By the way, I'm not saying this is a good place to live our that it has good ownership or management. I'm just pointing out you're not too good to have brought bedbugs in there yourself. All it would take is you or a friend bringing in one egg-laying female.
Before you begin pointing things out, sweetheart, do your research- I did. I called various pest control companies and was given various scenarios of how bedbugs can get into the apartment. Granted, someone bringing them in is one way, however, just like roaches, they can go through cracks, crevices in walls and openings. So before you begin to say that I brought them in, check yourself. To me, it almost sounds as if you represent the company/property in some way to make a comment like that.

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