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Brewers Yard

100 Frankfort Square, Columbus, OH 43206
% Recommended
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I lived at Brewers Yard for approximately 5 months after I sold my condo and purchased a new place. The apartment was a 2 bedroom on the 4th floor facing German Village. I was told that the noise of the train… Full Review ▶


----> The apartments are sometimes broken into here, so make sure to lock your door and keep an eye out if you do live here. <---- This used to be a nice place, but is going downhill pretty fast. I think… Full Review ▶


We have lived at Brewers Yard for almost 2 years and are only moving out because we are moving out of state. This has been a nice place to live for these past two years. It is very convenient to downtown,… Full Review ▶


We would like to commend the apartment management and staff on the level of service provided to tenants. The front office staff has been particularly helpful and easy to work with, and any service calls we had were dealt with quickly… Full Review ▶


As I read these negative reviews for Brewer's Yard Apartments I can't believe we live in the same building! Our experience here has been super/the very best. We are amazed at how soundproof the walls/floors are - we never hear our… Full Review ▶

Prospective Resident

First and foremost, if they offer you $50.00 off the monthly rental fee for an apartment that faces the train tracks, you will be very disappointed. When we inquired about the trains when we interviewed them, we were told that they… Full Review ▶


This apartment complex is a JOKE. I completely regret renewing my lease, and every time this happens they jack up the prices. If I would have done the research on the surrounding apartments, I could be living in a BRAND NEW… Full Review ▶


Honesty, transparency, and respect are things I value highly- none of which exists here at BYA. Management staff is very unprofessional, disrespectful, insincere, and do not handle conflicts in a professional manner. The atmosphere is unpleasant due to the deceitful demeanor… Full Review ▶


The location of this place is fabulous. I don't think you can beat it, especially if you work downtown. The walls are reasonably thick, but the doors are made of pasteboard. This is a problem for hallway noise and roommate noise… Full Review ▶


I lived here for about 2 years and spent the last 10 months wishing I had moved after my lease was up at the end of the first year. When I first moved in most of the residents were young professionals… Full Review ▶


I can't even begin to say what a mistake it was to move into Brewers Yard Apartments. It's probably the biggest mistake I've made in many, many years! From the very first weekend it's been like living in a FRATHOUSE. The… Full Review ▶


Lived here for two years and moving out in two months. It's been a great place to live, with a few exceptions that I've outlined below. Overall, I've loved living here and would recommend it to anyone, if it's within your… Full Review ▶


When I moved in, I figured I would be in a community with upper class, respectful people. I was wrong. The people at night act like it's a frat house. Every day I hear rap and techno music that shakes my… Full Review ▶


I love the BYA. We live on the 4th floor and never hear any noise from other tenants. We do hear the train, but it is not that bad and we live right by it. The management girls have always been… Full Review ▶


Our experience at BYA has been great. I am surprised to read the frustrated comments of so few on this site (hundreds of families have already lived in this apartment complex and 11 individuals had bad experiences?!) We lived in a… Full Review ▶


Its great to see BYA management posting reviews for their own property hah! we had at least 5 false alarm this yr. freaking annoying, had to leave at 4am... takes about an hr until it gets fixed.. 1. Very extremly noisy..all… Full Review ▶


Horribly noisy, noisy, noisy!! Full Review ▶


I have spent my last few years as Commercial Real Estate Broker and have dealt with hundreds of leasing staff individuals and the ones in the BYA are by far and away the worst. They are very rude and uptight. When… Full Review ▶


When you first come to BYA's-it's easy to be impressed by the look of the apartments, the newness of the appliances, the close proximity to downtown and the feeling that you're going to be living in as nice of an atmosphere… Full Review ▶


Let's start with the basics. It is LOUD here. You will hear your upstairs neighbors, people walking down that hallways and the rude ----- at the pool. When asked about the noise levels and if any complaints had been filed, they… Full Review ▶

Prospective Resident

I went there a few months back to look for a 1 bedroom apartment. Apartments are very nice, but I walked into the leasing office and had to wait 5-10 minutes just for someone to walk out of the back office.… Full Review ▶


Have I been treated so poorly...over and over again. I'm sick of ------ being a total ----- who seems to hate her job and is very short with me. There is no reason for it. I will not renew based on… Full Review ▶


Overall nice. Expensive, but convenient, nice appliances, etc. But the ceilings and floors are just paper thin, and if you happen to get a heavy footed upstairs neighbor you will not sleep, and the management will recommend 'buying a small fan'… Full Review ▶


The apartments are a nice size, with a decent sized kitchen, newer appliances, and a large bathroom. The interior stairs and hallways make it safe. There is also a pool and a larger than normal (for an apartment complex) gym. I've… Full Review ▶


The place looks great on-line, but is very expensive compared to comprable places, facilities wise. Also, never mentioned is the fact that a TRAIN goes by every few hours, especially at night. It is extremely noisy and will wake you up… Full Review ▶


Great location for those who work downtown. A Kroger's just opened up next door, adding to the convienence. I like the safety of having the interior hallways and maintenence is good about following up. The facilities are very clean and kept… Full Review ▶


If you are looking for a place in the heart of Columbus, you can't beat this location. Apartments are good size, but pricey. Walls are thin so expect to hear more from your neighbor's then you expected and hot water runs… Full Review ▶


was not a positive experience for us, Full Review ▶


Why would anyone pay that kind of money to live in an apartment in the middle of Columbus, Ohio.
What a waste of money. Full Review ▶

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