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Pine Crossing
3691 Windward Way, Columbus, OH 43204
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Apartments are very inexpensive and are of decent quality. We had some problems, but the maintenance is fantastic there. Location is also pretty good since you are right by I-70.

A couple issues I saw:
Area safety: Pine Crossing itself seemed to be OK at the time (last year), but car break-ins across the street at Twin Creeks apartments were regular. Who knows if that will move to Pine Crossing eventually. The area on the other side of 70 is pretty shady, so some people tend to head up Wilson Rd.

Large amount of -------- people: This is not an issue per se since there is obviously nothing wrong with -------- people, but could cause problems for some people. I was a bit surprised at the community being 90% -------- and wanted to give a fair warning to those looking to rent. Personally the only way this affected me was: large families with loud children, children playing soccer on the tennis courts where I would love to actually play tennis, and trouble communicating with neighbors. However, all the people I met were very nice and seemed to keep to themselves (besides the kids).

Last Updated: 05/02/11

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