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Tiffany Lakes Apartments

6345 Cooper Road, Columbus, OH 43231
% Recommended
City Average

I moved to the landings with my boyfriend when I got a new job in the area so I could have a shorter commute to and from. At first we were greeted by friendly staff and had a good rapport going… Full Review ▶


I have been a resident of Tiffany Lakes for 3 years now and will definitely NOT be renewing my lease this year! The office staff and management up front has had quite the turnover rate with new people in there every… Full Review ▶


I really like this complex. I have lived there for awhile now and I think that it is a beautiful property with friendly neighbors. I also think that the Mgmt at the complex are friendly and very helpful. Full Review ▶


All I have to say about Tiffany Lakes is that there is no point to move here because you are wasting your money and time. The maintenance policy, as to what is urgent and not urgent given by office staff, is… Full Review ▶


I have experienced very unprofessional practices from T & R Property, Tiffany Lakes. While living there my AC stopped working in May, my boyfriend is an HVAC licensed technician so he identified the problem right away. I informed maintenance what had… Full Review ▶


HORRIBLE MANAGEMENT!!!! We had a broken carbon monoxide detector and they took nearly a week to replace it and refused to reimburse us for the detector we bought in the meantime to keep our family safe and ALIVE!! They said that… Full Review ▶


The management has changed. There are new, friendly, helpful, and professional workers in the office now. There is also a new maintenance team that is knowledgeable, responsive, friendly, and speedy. This place has made a turn around from the lows I… Full Review ▶


I lived here for a year and for the most part PLEASE RUN!!! This place is a serious joke. You have kids running everywhere, dogs, loud neighboors, must I go on? Yes let me go on I wouldent wish this place… Full Review ▶


I did write about the problems with the children..You are right that is child endangerment..Childrens Services were called...I do know what I am talking about I am a paralegal. If you have problems with Tiffany Lakes staff contact them, make an… Full Review ▶


From the outside, this looks like a very nice place. PLEASE heed these warnings from these reviews. Staff: The front office staff will give you a fake smile and tell you about their ridiculous policies with a discourteous tone of voice.… Full Review ▶


I hate this place... the staff is rude and prejudice. maintenance is terrible.i lives here 1 year Trish and Stephanie are the worse people and never met my families needs. Its noisy, trashy, our neighbor dealt drugs and they never allowed… Full Review ▶


I lived at Tiffany Lakes for three years and loved my first year because I had a great neighbor. When the new neighbors moved in, I realized how poor the apartment's construction was. I heard and smelled EVERYTHING from the apartment… Full Review ▶


I lived in a townhome with finished basement. Myself and the neighbors have had several break ins. The windows are cheap and people are able to easily pry them open, in fact one of our windows doesn't even lock properly and… Full Review ▶


I think I might have the loudest neighbors who just moved in a week ago. I have lived here 5 years an have been very happy, now im re-thinking if I should renew the lease. These are very cheap apartments and… Full Review ▶


I really like Tiffany Lakes. The property management staff bends over backwards to make sure you are happy and helps in times of need. Snow removal could be a bit better on the streets but the sidewalks are kept clear. The… Full Review ▶


...of your apartment. The townhouses at the south end are quite good. However, I believe apartments might be more average. I have been there with a family of four from Summer 08 to 2009. The staff was very helpful. We had… Full Review ▶


I lived here last year and all I can say is BEWARE. If you like getting crapped on by management this is the place for you. There is no point in complaining about issues because the management does not care, plus… Full Review ▶


I was new to columbus and after a very careful apartment search, I chose tiffany lakes. Well, I did not do so well because besides very looking nice everything else sucks! My apartment was too hot in the summer and freezing… Full Review ▶


I had several things that needed fixed in my apartment including my ceiling fan in the master bedroom. I submitted a work order for the repairs and it took them a month and a half to fix it. On top of… Full Review ▶


I could hear EVERYTHING the person above me was doing at ALL times. When I would come home and see his car in the lot, I would nearly cry. I would have to get up when he did because it was… Full Review ▶


The place definitely is not worth the money. The staff changes constantly. I have had several maintenance issuses that took entirely too long to have addressed. The bushes in front of my unit are terribly overgrown and they won't trim them.… Full Review ▶


Your rent will determine your neighbors, unfortuately. I wish this weren't true but it sometimes is. Rent is high here but my neighbors are professionals who are very respectful of noise and privacy. Maintenance is extremely responsive; free health club membership… Full Review ▶


I lived at Tiffany Lakes for 5 years and -- now having looked at many apartments and lived in another one -- I think it's a good value for the price. My 3 BR townhouse was very roomy -- huge master… Full Review ▶


Very non-responsive management. I would not recommend this place. Full Review ▶


RUN RUN RUN as fast as you can!!!!!! This place is horrible, I lived here way too long and im thankful everyday I was able to move and get the HELL out!!! RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN!!!! Full Review ▶


We are into our third year at Tiffany Lakes, and we just love it here. We have not experienced any of the problems mentioned by other reviewers. The staff is friendly and professional, and they go above and beyond to make… Full Review ▶


We just recently moved from Tiffany Lakes and we had no problems as residents. Our heat broke in the winter and the management was incredibly quick and helpful in fixing the problem and even installed an entirely new hot water system… Full Review ▶


In general the apartment complex is nice. The are definately overpriced for the service that you recieve. The management is very "by the book" and do not accurately respond to real life problems. The rent is high, and the apartment turned… Full Review ▶


Like 'look before you leap below', there are physical property management issues. The apartments are built on a wetland type area allowing lots of spiders and worms to come in. I had a bird build a nest in my laundry vent,… Full Review ▶


I just wanted to say "thank you" for making our year at Tiffany Lakes most enjoyable and an easy transition to our new home.

Having not lived in an apartment for approximately 30 years, you could sense my anxiety as we signed… Full Review ▶


If you drive by...wow what a great looking community, but the ----- is in the details. I rented their most expensive 2 bedroom at the time and was located on the first floor. I moved in Sept. By Nov. the problems… Full Review ▶

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BedsBathsEstimated Rent
Studio1 $ 954
11 $ 953
21 $ 1012
22 $ 846
22.5 $ 1985
32.5 $ 2645


  • Cats Allowed

  • Small Dogs Allowed

  • Large Dogs Allowed

  • Pet Deposit Required

  • Pet Rent Required

  • Some Breeds Restricted

  • Laundry in Units

  • Laundry Connections in Unit

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