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Lakeshore Place Apartments
144 Bellaire Avenue, Dayton, OH 45420
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Lake Shore Place Apartments over the past two years has had a drastic facelift both inside and out. I personally know what the new managers have had to deal with first hand. Holly and Greg Nolan; the current managers, work non-stop to fix the many years of abuse Lake Shore has endured over the years. It is unbelievable the living conditions that several residents have lived in for many years due to prior management. These are not bad, low class or uneducated people either. These are hard working, friendly and caring people. The current managers have re done almost every apartment from top to bottom. The Nolans have inherited a list of several issues (unmaintained boilers and chillers, outrageous quick fix plumbing techniques to name a few) that have been the result of poor and lazy craftsmanship of previous managers. To read from pervious postings that the managers are hard to talk to or liars is far from the truth; they are available all hours. I have never had an issue of getting in touch of either one of them. Several new lights have been posted throughout the grounds. This has made Lakeshore a safe place for my family.

As for the balconies, trust me the managers would not have torn them down unless there was a true safety issue. Nor would they create more work for themselves. Major reconstruction takes time. There are several inspections throughout the process. I suggest to anyone who is not satisfied with the possibility of balconies not being put on the front to contact the owners.

Greg and Holly Nolan are very professional, educated and knowledgeable. When asked why they chose to take on Lakeshore, they respond with We wanted a challenge . They come from sunny Myrtle Beach, SC where they maintained 250 plus homes valued at above 200 s. They have taken a pay decrease and a work load increase to provide the tenants at Lakeshore with a safe, clean, and friendly home. They have made me a proud resident of Lakeshore Place Apartments. Thank You Greg and Holly for all that you do.

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