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Erie Shore Landing
5115 East Lake Road, Sheffield Lake, OH 44054
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I had a one bedroom apartment and liked two things about it: being high up and having a view of the lake! Other than that, the rent was high, the elevators always smelled like urine (one of them was always broke too), bass from music and people stomping around carried annoyingly through the walls/floors (don't listen to them when they tell you that noise is blocked because of the concrete walls/floors), the hallways by the elevators smelled like trash because of the trash shoots, most apartments are accessed from outside so you have canadian soldiers literally covering the whole building for a month in the summer and ice and snow all over the walkway throughout the winter (they don't salt anything, I almost fell over the railing when I slipped one day), and the air conditioning only works a few days a month (that's on a good month, and they wait til late June to turn it on). The worst thing about this place is how they rip you off any way that they can. Here are a couple examples:
I used one of my friends that lived there already as a referral so he could get $500 off his rent, but he never got it. When he went to pay his rent, expecting a reduced price, they told him he was never charged his pet fee and that he actually owes them more money. So instead of getting his discount for the referral, he ended up owing them money. Then, when I moved out, they claimed that my cats urinated "all over the apartment" and charged me to clean the carpets ($55) and to micro clean the carpets ($185), so instead of getting a deposit back I got a f-in bill. Insanity!!
If you move here, make sure you do three things: note anything wrong with the apartment, if they waive your pet fee make sure you have it documented in the lease, and actually, just don't move here. I definately DO NOT recommend it!!!! There's plenty of better places! If you need any help deciding why you DO NOT want to move here, feel free to drop me a line.

Last Updated: 07/24/10
Just moved out, and I can't say the experience was good. The view is great (other than it's only Lake Erie)... but the apartments had constant bug issues (they now have an orkin man living on-site), no air conditioning until June which is pretty gross, surges in water pressure, lack of maintenance, broken elevators, and getting ripped off on my security deposit.. and I am a VERY clean person... I even hired someone to clean, yet still got charged. This is a college hang out.. it reminds me of a hotel where it's spring break ALL YEAR LONG. -Not recommended.

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