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Central Park West Apartments
4661 New Hampshire Court, Youngstown, OH 44515
1 User Response

I have lived here for awhile and I love the area. I have two wonderful kids that have made a lot of friends and now a husband with a lot more kids. We are getting ready to move (obviously bigger space is needed). Maintenance is very good and prompt to matters (but limited to what they are allowed to do). Building materials can be better and repairs could use some money put into them. However, I read these blogs and am sadden. This is a beautiful three bedroom completed basement townhouse that offers a lot of room and comfort. It is safe and the police force is very prompt if you have any concerns. My kids walk to school and enjoy the quiet neighborhood except your typical summer football games in the huge front yards but that is normal kid play. If you can get over the loud speaker from Fitch stadium on football nights, track meets, and any other reason they use the stadium facilities it is very nice.

Clearly, you work here. I have lived here almost TWO YEARS and have not yet met ONE person who likes in here.

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