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Providence Place Apartments

6001 Southwest 12th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73128
% Recommended
City Average

I have lived here for over a year now. At first, I loved it. The location was great; the dog park was great; they had decent maintenance personnel and they staff was pretty efficient. The one thing they really need to… Full Review ▶


I have been a resident with Providence Place Apartments for Over 2 years now. The management team is amazing to work with. The staff is always warm and friendly. Gated quiet community centrally located. Full Review ▶


Seemed great at first but quickly turned into the most disappointing apartment I've ever rented. Upkeep of the grounds was generally unsatisfactory (i.e. broken lights near common walkways left broken, garbage blowing around, dead tree stumps, grass littered with animal feces,… Full Review ▶


I have lived in the apartment complex going on 4 years. I have never had any problems with the staff or the maintenance. They are always there and ready to help. The maintenance always gets the problem taking care of fast… Full Review ▶


The management here is constantly over turning and it seems each new one is worse than the last. I live in a loft that floods every time it rains when I approached them about it all they say is yeah that… Full Review ▶


I have lived here since May. I chose these apartments because everything else that was about the same price on this side of town had lots of crime according to one of the local news websites. This place had zero! I… Full Review ▶


Nice fake reviews, office staff. Could it be anymore obvious? Who the hell is excited about using a fax machine lol Providence place sucks. There are WAY to many children running around screaming all day and night unsupervised. SLAMMING DOORS. all… Full Review ▶


I enjoy living at Providence Place Apartments. The office staff is great to work with. The computer lab is handy and they offer fax services as well as a printer for personal use. The landscape is serene. The environment is quiet… Full Review ▶


I've lived here for 18 months and am moving soon because I'm not fond of the area. It started out nice, even though the south side has a bad reputation and people would give me that, "ew, south side?" look when… Full Review ▶


Don't move here!!!!!!! The apt complex is nice, but small closets. I am writing this to inform you guys if you move here, you will be force to use mutiband which is a contract with DirectTv. I love Direct Tv but… Full Review ▶


This complex is a great example of just because it looks nice doesn't mean it IS nice. First...they force you to have Direct TV. But you can't even go through Direct TV you go through some crap third party called "mutli… Full Review ▶


My roommate and I have dealt with several ups and downs while living here. I will try to outline the different areas of the apartment as objectively as possible. Pool/Fitness Center: Really nice to have the pool here. Do wish it… Full Review ▶


I have to say, this place sucks. Number 1. Good luck this winter as the pipes will freeze as there is zero insulation above and below. The outside fire sprinklers are the main cause to the freezing. Second, they have tons… Full Review ▶


We were one of the first people to move into the complex. I liked that it was brand new and no one had lived in my apartment before. I only now have few issues with the complex. First being neighbors who… Full Review ▶


Positive: Nice clean unit with modern flooring, appliances and colors. Great club house with home-theater setup. Adequate pool and fitness center. Friendly staff--not sure about how quickly they fix issues, but very friendly. Negative: The gates are unreliable and are often… Full Review ▶


The good part: everything looks new. Convenient location. The bad parts: 1. Staffs try to be nice but they always made mistakes. They are pretty helpful on receiving packages. But I was given an occupied unit when I was moving in......… Full Review ▶


The grounds were extremely nice. The pool was also very nice, however it was only open like 3 times a week while we were there during the summer of 2013,and it was wasteful for us to have to help pay for… Full Review ▶


I'm Adam. I moved to Providence Place in June of this year (2012) and have been really happy. I have a one bedroom on the top floor and I really like most everything about it. The utilities are pretty inexpensive compared… Full Review ▶


My husband moved here last summer, & I moved with him this summer after we were married. Our friends from his grad school constantly beg us to move to where they all live (Lincoln Apartments, because it's closer to their college),… Full Review ▶


Our company rented an apartment at Providence Place for a job supervisor stationed in Oklahoma City. I would never recommend these apartments to anyone. First, when we were showed the apartment, we were told we could rent one downstairs, near where… Full Review ▶


I absolutely hate it here. There is gross old trash sitting by the dumpsters in plain sight. The trash has been there for MONTHS. There is dog poop everywhere. Someone put a nail under my tire and left a note on… Full Review ▶

Prospective Resident

Tour of facility and apartments were acceptable. My husband and I liked them enough to put down a deposit to "lock in" on the special price they were having. At our apartment complex we are currently living at they require a… Full Review ▶


I moved here last spring from the Edmond area. It was not an area I was used to, so I had to learn where things were here. I love that there is a Walmart, Petsmart, and Ross so close. I also… Full Review ▶


I have had a really good experience at providence place. I moved from out of state and the staff at the front office were so helpful with my move and everything. Everyone there was super nice. They had it set up… Full Review ▶


Where do I begin.. Well let's start off with the positives and then I will conclude with the negatives to give you a broad overview of my experience with this complex thus far. I love the concrete floors the first floors… Full Review ▶


I loved my apartment until I got an upstairs neighbor who unfortunately has FOUR families living in a 2 bedroom apt! I am on the first floor and have beatiful concrete floors in my apartment. Apparently, however the upstairs apartments have… Full Review ▶


I have lived here for 9 months now. The first night after I moved in my neighbor warned me that 3 cars had been broken into the previous week. The staff had not mentioned this to me earlier in the day....… Full Review ▶


I like to live here, We moved in to our apartment right after the first of the year. Don't like AT&T and we don't have anyother choice. We love the pool and have used the theater room a couple of times… Full Review ▶


The corporate offices that own this property would be disgusted if they knew how lousy their staff are. Since this is the only apartments they own in okc they have no supervision. Unfortunately these beautiful new apartments will be destroyed by… Full Review ▶

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BedsBathsEstimated Rent
Studio1 $ 898
11 $ 880
11.5 $ 1165
21 $ 953
22 $ 1018


  • Cats Allowed

  • Small Dogs Allowed

  • Large Dogs Allowed

  • Pet Deposit Required

  • Pet Rent Required

  • Some Breeds Restricted

  • Laundry On-Site

  • Laundry in Units

  • Laundry Connections in Unit

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