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Open World Garden Apartments
2413 East 55th Place, Tulsa, OK 74105
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There were apartment managers there named Sonny and Sharon - they ran a tight ship. Kept the place clean and quiet.
However, in one day they were gone.

Then came a new manager - She came in people's apartment unanounced, both her and her mantenance man. The main office was made aware of this, but they still kept her and him for a while.
It's against the law to come in someones apartment without a 24 hour notice.
Several people complained about this.

The crime became so bad there along with gang and drug activity and prostitution...
that it was scary to go out of your apartment after 5pm.

The apartment manager refused to start a Citizens crime watch.
The maintenance man also came in peoples apartments unanounced.

The police department had several write ups about the drug activity...and watch orders put out.
One evenin, in one hour over 40 cars were in the s.w corner of the complext doing drug deals. The apartment manager knew of this but never evicted them.
There were parties all hours of the night and you feared for your life after dark the parking lots were dangerous.

People let their dogs poop everywhere and never picked up the poop.
Its too bad - it was a nice area at one time.

The eventually let her and the maintenancy man go, Security 88 was a joke and you rarely saw them.
The drug dealers and prostitutes knew when they came by - so they always made sure they didn't see them.
I would be very careful to move in this place unless you know for a fact that is has been cleaned up.
Visit on a Friday or Sat around 5 to 10pm. Check out the S. W. coern of the apartment complex.
For some reason - the drug dealers and prostitutes were allowed to do whatever they wanted.

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