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The Park at Westpointe
301 Point Parkway Boulevard, Yukon, OK 73099
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We moved in over a year ago into the Phase 1 section and it was nice but had a few minor problems like constant watering and when they water it's a mess trying to walk your dogs at night. We then moved into Phase 2 and that's when it went downhill fast. It's as if this side of the complex doesn't exist to them. We have called and complained so many times about trash being dumped on the ground around the dumpster when there's another dumpster right beside it and all they say is "we can't do anything about it". Try putting up a sign that states to throw trash in the dumpster! We also call at least once a week regarding the dog poop NO ONE cleans up and are told they can't do anything about that either unless we know who exactly isn't cleaning up after their pet! Supposedly the grounds crew is "cleaning" up dog poop once a week but that's not the case. It's more like NEVER! Another big problem is the speed in which people drive on this side of the complex. Some child will end up getting run over but complaining hasn't warranted any type of letters to go out to residents to slow down. In fact, no letters have gone out regarding any complaints. We have also tried calling the Case Management office in Tulsa to complain and no one from there ever calls us back. The place is just unsanitary with all the trash, cigarette butts, dog poop (that is all over the sidewalks as well as the grass) and the quality of residents that have been allowed in the second phase is trash. When you pay over $1,000 a month to live in an apt that states "luxury living" on the sign you sort of expect a little bit of sanitary conditions but not here. The staff is nice when you call but that's about as far as it goes. The grounds guy that walks the property daily just walks down the center of the parking lot with his bucket and doesn't pick trash up. I guess that's just to make you believe they care! My advice after living here for over a year is to find somewhere else to live unless you don't mind stepping in dog crap. Also, the pet limit is 25 lbs however, they don't check this and there's dog's that are 80 lbs.

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