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Firwood Manor
1877 Brewer Avenue, Eugene, OR 97401
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Well Lets see here I have written a pretty bad review before this about my first Manager. Then we got a new manager who refused to move anyone and stood outside a talked on her cell phone all day and allowed everyone to smoke and throw cigerette butts around and would tell you how much she didnt care about any issues you may of had.
They fired her and on her last day she moved in a family to the only 4 bedroom apartment that we had left (that had numerous people and families waiting to find out if they were approved for the apartment)the family has caused more problems then any of the problems I have had since living here. ( they have had the cops called 5 times in a month since moving in!)
So in our new manager defense she does try. She listens, she gets paper work done. She is trying to put an end to the people who let there dogs poop all over our front door steps. she is trying to get things cleaned up around here. AND just if you were to watch your own kids and quit letting them beat the crap out of others with sticks and laid some rules down for them they wouldn't be in and out of the laundry room where they track mud and destroy property. If you want to live in a nice place show it a little respect. Because in the next year or 2 its gonna be a lot nicer place to live

Last Updated: 12/10/13
This manager no longer works here and the new one is exceptional warm and really cares about the community! Yay!

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