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Canyon Ridge
401 South Everest Road, Newberg, OR 97132
5 User Responses

You people are --------. I have lived at Canyon Ridge for almost 5 years, my stuff gets fixed asap, my apartment is always attended to when needed. The manager isn't that hard to get a hold of, when she has her work phone with her at all times and if she isn't in the office DURING OFFICE HOURS there is usually a note w/her personal cell phone # on it.. Get off your high horses and quit acting like you need to be treated like a freaking princess when there are 60 other apartments to attend to not just you! Get over yourselves.. Bring the TV station, I will be there with tons of other residents to constest this BS

Last Updated: 09/20/11
Anonymous post's - Are you kidding me. I hae lived here 2 times now & the management has been nothing but wonderful. I have seen them work around the property after the sch. business hours, they are always having something done on the property to maintaining it looking good. The deals to get in is great, she puts your name in a drawing to get a discount on your next months rent. They are right on top of the repairs that are asked of them. --- has sent ---- to come look at things since he knows more about the problem so he can tell the correct company what is going on so they can come fix it. You have to remember this is a business & she has certain steps that she has to go through to get things fixed for you. CLEAN YOUR HOME, PARK THE WAY YOU SHOULD, PICK UP AFTER ANIMALS AND BE A GOOD PERSON & YOU HAVE NO PROBLEMS. Take responcibility of your self & your problems & quit trying to ruine a family & there income, especial when these are one of the best apt you can find in newberg. If you wont bad ones go live on 3rd street then you'll think your living in paradise!! GET A LIFE & QUIT NESSING WITH OTHERS.
this is crazy i have never seen ------- of ---- cleaning anything but her own sidewalk she is never there or when there is a complaint she says ---- will get to it when he gets home from work...ok isn't she home??? her kids constantly clean she pressure washed for 3 hours and quit i saw the whole thing then they hired someone to come and do it for them and they were nice and polite and came to the door letting me know they would be there very nice but --- makes her kids do the work you never see her do crap! I am sure all the complaints are not from evil people maybe they have mice and ants and mold what is that so hard to understand they are horrible apartments I owned my own home and now am in a crappy apartment but i will leave the second my lease is up and never recommend them. You can stay but there are several problems one is a land lord who picks on people because she has a power kick and is loyal to ones she likes thats hardly professional it is just a property management company that is small and doesn't particularly care about this complex or what people say clearly. I have kids skatebording on my front porch but a landlord who says you are going to get your car towed if u back into a parking space WHAT??? she likes to pick on people of her choosing and is the laziest landlord i have ever seen these postings prove it!
the reason it gets a low rating is cause of people like you JOHNDEEREGRN1690. you really need to get a life and get off of -------- and ----'s back. Do you realize that they are always here. Maybe if you got your butt up off the couch and went outside then maybe you would notice they are there.
you do you give a ---- who post notices on your door, ever thought of the fact that her kids like to earn money, and I guess people like to get fined for leaving trash on the ground. The office is always open and they are always there,an even when they are working in an apartment they post it in the office door so you know where to find them, and anytime I call I have always gotten a hold of the managers! are you a stocker or what! The low rateing is cause of stupid people like you who lie and get in trouble and do things they shouldnt so they get mad.. Like I said I have been here for 3 years and everyone I know that lives here loves, the managers! maybe you should move! You sound really crazy!
You know why nobody puts the garbage in the garbage can? It's because everybody does it on purpose because nobody likes the manager, nor her -------, nor the fact that they send their children to post notes on the tenants doors. I don't know where you're getting information, because the 'office' is always closed. If this is such a fantastic apartment, why does it have such a low rating?

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