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Hilltop Manor
469 Hilltop Avenue, Oregon City, OR 97045
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My apartment was roomy and the location was convenient. The manager, however, had his "favorites", and if you're not on THAT list living here is almost a paranoid experience. He's evicting residents with pets, even though many had paid pet deposits and had a pet agreement with the managers at their time of move-in. Last summer the lawn wasn't even watered once, so we all lived in brown. If you need a repair, it's much easier to do it yourself. Both maintenance and landscaping are a joke here. The management will share his opinions of individual tenants with other tenants, thus proving how totally unproffessional this management is. Parking spots are reassigned without informing the original "owner". The noise level is tolerable, especially if you like ethnic music. Save your time & money, your sanity, and rent someplace else.

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