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Benford Court
1300 NE 181st Avenue, Portland, OR 97230
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This place was bad from the begining. Our fridge and bathroom fan didn't work and it took a week to get them fixed. Neighbors get very loud playing loud music at all hours of the day and night and when we got loud we had problems with the landlord right away. On Dec 26th all four of my tires were slashed alone with 5 other people who live at the apartments. During that same week it snowed to the point that everyone was stuck and not able to pull out of the parking lot. The landlords didn't try to clear the parking lot until about a week after the snow storm hit. Even after the landlord tried to clear the parking lot we still needed our car pushed to try to get out of parking spot. When the snow started melting we noticed that there was a leak right over our bed. We ended up having to throw our bed out. I also tried to take a bath and while I was doing it our kitchen that was right under the bathroom became covered in water. There is now a large hole on the kitchen and bedroom ceiling due to leaks. While we were moving out the landlord came to our aparment and pushed the door open and started yelling because we were moving out. We didn't give any notice due to all these things happening at the same time. I'm also 8.5 mouths pregnant and do not feel safe in the apartment. With our tires being slashed, the leaks, the loud neighbors and people trying to open our door I will not bring a baby into a place like that. If you are thinking about moving in please do yourself a favor and DON'T!!! The four mounths we lived there were very bad and I know we will have to pay for breaking the lease but I would rather do that then live in that place another day.

Last Updated: 01/05/09
That sounds about right.

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