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Clackamas Trails
10411 SE Cook Court, Portland, OR 97222
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This place was hell. Pure and simple. From the stupid management staff who told me I just didn't get it because "that's not what the ledger says", to the maintenance guy who came to fix our garage and a cloud of pot smoke followed him out of his truck, to their weird obsession about mold. (They actually make you SIGN a MOLD AGREEMENT saying you'll abide by their weird anti-mold rules!) We could hear everything our neighbors upstairs AND downstairs did. We could hear every single person in the parking lot. Garbage handling is totally inadequate. Only 10 medium dumpsters for the whole community...that were CONSTANTLY overflowing.

Then we made the mistake of breaking our lease when we bought our house. We're now being charged an ungodly amount of money for things they should be paying for! $165 to re-paint the whole place?!? We were only there a year and a half and the paint was in good condition!

Don't waste your time. Or your money!

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