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1231 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd1231 Northeast Martin Luther King Jr, Portland, OR 97232
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Trammell Crow is NOT a professional rental company and has had quite a negative impression given tenant comments when you meet and discuss. The Merrick is the worst building I have rented from and I have rented for many years. There is no management on premises beyond 6 p.m. The women in the office have NO management skills and as I have been told numerous times, Trammell Crow has a TERRIBLE reputation in this city. Criminal activity has been ongoing (cars broken into, stolen bikes, maintenance room breaks, furniture stolen from Skyline room as well as Fitness Center). Very few professionals reside and rent (mostly 20-somethings - students), no wonder the place has gone to Hell. Fire alarms have gone off at least 6-7 times in the past 7 months (at 3 in the morning no less). All FALSE alarms because of intentional setting off or something burning. You should see the firemen when they arrive! The building is poorly built - leaks (lower level garage or lobby as well as 2nd floor) and no insulation to sound proof. Parties going on with doors slamming and screaming from the Skyline Room on the 6th floor or upper balconies. NO MANAGER living on premises which for 6 floors and approx. 228 apts., makes NO sense!! Trammell Crow places notices on doors stating criminal activity took place and takes no responsibility which legally is a joke and does NOT negate their responsibility but no one has pursued legal action! They have been asked to install security cameras and refused. Given the costs of living here and the SOFT rental market currently, I would strongly urge anyone to look elsewhere. So many complaints and people moving out, it's been a ridiculous circus! Some tenants don't give a rip (graffiti on elevator walls according to one tenant I spoke with) - everyone seems to have a story. If PDC was involved in the development, this is a sorry excuse of so called "luxury" living!! Note: The rating system doesn't go LOW enough for a proper rating! I would give them a minus 0.

Hey, I live in the building, am a 20 something, professional, and own my own business on the side! Not all of us young folk are to blame. BTW, I totally agree with your posting aside from what I mentioned above.

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