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McCormick Park Apartments
1691 Old Portland Road, Saint Helens, OR 97051
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I would say this apartment complex is the most toxic evil place in Columbia county- 666-.
You have to live here to believe it, but in no case should anyone live or rent from RA Lucas LLC or Ronald Lucas, attorney at law. As a matter of fact, you can live in the campground across the street and save your money for a decent place.
On the outside it looks like a sterile Motel 6, yet that isn't the reality of renting from Mr. Lucas and RA Lucas developments LLC.
The main building, where everyone gets dumped and where the police are all the time, has paper thin walls.
by the way, another attorney says RA Lucas attorney at law, is making a cottage industry out of illegally withholding security deposits.Also among his close associates or buddies is a felon who was just released from prison for dealing meth. The parole officer , when he heard the words R--- L__ did not make an arrest for this meth dealers parole violation. That's Columbia County for you.Meth Grandma numbers among those who will say or sign anything to get rid of the non-criminal tenants at McCormick Park Apartments.

also, he pretends to not get the rent check , then slams the tenant with a 72 hour eviction, then after the tenant is hysterical , says oh look I found your check. another sick power trip. considering that the check goes to a po box in Rainer oregon and then to a legal office on main, its pretty amazing the landlord could lose checks.

The place is insane and destructive, even the felons think they are too good for it. I think the landlord being a lawyer and his daddy a divorce lawyer in a small town has let them get away with anything they want. By the way, the first thing he says is I m an Attorney Joke. Lawyers are parasites in Oregon.
~~~~But if you are a felon or dealing Meth or just got out of prison, or an illegal alien from Mexico and want to cram 15 people into a one bedroom, it will be cool with Ron Lucas LLC. ~~~Why, b because he can have fun making life hell for you and feeling really powerful. It seems th3e the landlord enjoys tormenting his tenants, especially if he knows they are poor and afraid and even better if they are female. fix it. He never bothers the foreign national males who don't speak English; he looks for easy targets and easy money, perhaps he thinks they own machetes. That by the way is really important. Whom does the Landlord target? Disabled, elderly, single females, mothers all poor.
Those who have just gotten out of jail or whom the cops are looking for, or who have always had a hard time, like the woman whose husband stabbed her three times in the stomach end up there and make easy victims. The landlord Lucas evicted her and her young son too.
The rent is really high and he raises it often.
~ Expect to get eviction notices for just about anything, It's how he feels powerful and keeps you the tenant, upset and off-balance. It's a perverse form of intimacy, for him, not you. One woman, who moved from Texas with a male (I never knew why) and two kids, got an eviction notice from him on the third. She called and he said I just wanted you to call me. She later became one of his spies for a new oven. It's really insane. When you get a notice you, are expected to call your Lord and submit yourself to some insane tirade about his being a lawyer and no you can't have the broken window fixed because the last person who lived there broke it.
He took one woman, a felon with three kids and in one month got 2,000 out of her by moving her from apartment to apartment and charging her a new 500.00 deposit every time.
It is a scam, you call and he tells you that he has a great house for you and it s only so much a month, but you can t see it. You first must drive out to Rainer and give him about $1,500 in cash. He tells you to go to the address and get the key from the other tenant. You arrive at a shabby duplex and find the people living there have no plan to move out. He tells you a mistake was made and now you must move into a crappy small place at the main building, which isnt nice at all.
The woman with the brain tumor was forced to move her belongings a block away, in one day, and she did not have a car. After paying him almost two thousand dollars, he said, if you don t get moved in one day I am renting your apartment to someone else.
Just like that, he had been given him the money thousands of dollars and if they didn t get it all moved that day; someone else would have the duplex. Now this duplex is awful with a 40-year-old stove and the floor is rotting out in the laundry section and the bathroom is all molds and it's dirty, but Lucas LLC acts as though it is a palace.
He can do this because he is used to having an endless supply of welfare mothers and felons who have no place to go and lots of people from far away, who may or may not speak English. He laughed and mocked the woman who is dying from a brain tumor and her family, saying why can you just carry it all up there? By the way, whenever the Landlord is doing someone really awful he goes into high-pitched laughs that are really creepy. The place was dirty too.
As to mailbox keys, so many move out in the middle of the night or are evicted by Lucas LLC, that no one knows where the mailbox keys are and he wont re-key them.
My mailbox was used by another tenant for a month without my knowledge and this con artist who thought he was conning the Big Lucas Con Artist, threatened me with legal action if I didn t let him keep using my mailbox. Incredible. The woman with the brain tumor had to have her mail held by the post office, because he kept saying things like I have hundreds of keys, why don t you have a key? Anything to save five dollars.
By the way you never get deposits back. His places are rotting but he says in his rental agreement that you must pay for everything and be fined. His rental agreement is in violation of Oregon landlord tenant law, for instance, he refuses to fix any plumbing or appliances.
Asking for repairs is pointless; because they will come out and say, oh the broken window is your fault when it was three tenants ago, and then use duct tape to close it off.
Windows held in by duct tape, 40-year-old stoves, everything nasty. He lost his NOAH funding because he made his tenants do all the repairs themselves. He bribes tenants to spy on others and report them. He evicts everyone illegally; he even sent an eviction notice on the third.
. By the way he advertises that he has townhouses and houses for rent here but they are just duplexes with paper thin walls. He spends so much time harassing his tenants that they are all paranoid and creepy. Many were to begin with because almost everyone who moves there is very desperate and on drugs or just plain whacked.
One woman had to remodel her entire apartment because it was filled with bowling ball size holes from the previous tenant who hated Lucas. She remodeled his apartment for free and so he thought he could continue to get more out of her and Lucas later entered her apartment at night without notice and told her she had to fix the outdoor lights and when she refused he evicted her. He kept over a thousand in security deposits. The tenant in number 25 is paying for the electricity of the apartments above and doesn t know it~~~. The laundry room has no hot water because the landlord wishes to save money. ! ~~~~The turnover rate is about 500 percent. Some people only stay a month. He comes late at night and his oldest tenant in 27, says he used to see Lucas out at 2:00 in the morning picking up garbage. He pounded on their door at 300 in the morning screaming that they had a dog and he had found the footprints.
By the way, if he sees a dog, he will go door-to-door accusing tenants of having one and threatening them with eviction. The spies report everything.
He doesn t tell you but you will be paying 79.00 for water and garbage on top of the rent. The rents are really high. He often waits till you've signed the rental agreement to tell you about the fee, or he doesn t tell you and gives you an eviction notice. He is an expert at slinging mud and renting from him is like going through the ugliest divorce possible. Essentially he is a lonely guy with no real power, he doesn t even practice law, his daddy does, and by forcing his tenants to crawl beneath him and by tormenting them he fills a void that must be unlimited.
. ~~~He harasses tenants by setting up security cameras to watch them and because of this he lost a lot of tenants. If you want to get a repair made you have to spy on other tenants. ~~~~You can t believe a word you hear from the landlord. He intimidates his tenants by telling them he is a lawyer and a landlord and he can do what he wants. He told one woman with a brain tumor that she had to spray paint her chair white to match the building and then began whining that he didn t know she was disabled and he didn t want to be sued. ~~~He even harasses the Comcast people screaming that he is a lawyer and trying to make life miserable for the tenants. He comes by late at night. People get eviction notices for paying the water bill one day late, or not putting in outdoor light bulbs. ~~~You can never have peace there, the other tenants who are really out there from stress and drugs and constantly being watched. On the other hand he never checks for open warrants and I know many criminals are coming from Texas and Mexico to live in St Helens because of him.
People need to start fighting back for their security deposits. ~~~~ If you live there don t trust anyone because everyone will make a deal with Lucas for a pack of smokes or just getting an old oven fixed. By the way ~~~mold mildew everywhere-the walls are rotting out in the bathroom and only pure bleach works, and only for a few weeks-.
Black mold ruined my curtains and there are no curtains provided. The carpets are never cleaned. The place will be dirty when you move in but Lucas will write on the agreement that it is clean and in great condition. ~~~~The repairperson cannot be trusted he is completely marginal and will do whatever his master tells him to do. There is no onsite manager that is good considering; the last one was his girlfriend and a druggie who stole the rent money. ~~~~The kids run wild and the parent let them so its hard to drive through the parking lot. ~~~~The police and probation officers come all the time because there is so much violence. Meth everywhere. People hiding from the cops. ~~~~Landscaping is the tenant s responsibility. ~~~ The landlord tries to get tenants to provide him with free repairs and his rental agreement says he will keep all improvements. ~~~~ He says in his rental agreement if you dump anything it is a felony. He uses the law to scare his tenants but he never follows the law. ~~~~There are several illegal aliens from Mexico living there who rent from him because he asks no questions. They take jobs from legal citizens. He hires illegal aliens too. ~~~~ Legal Aid thinks its great he rents to felons but they don t seen how Lucas works them and how nasty they are and how willing to turn anyone in to keep their housing.
He says and does things that are totally outrageous and illegal and then lies and says he didn t say that. He told another attorney that he won every case he ever went to court for so don t even bother trying. This brings me to the security deposit return, which does not allow for lawyers to enter the courtroom. One tenant tried to get theirs back and the landlord said he couldn t make it because he had a flat tire. The judge ruled in his favor. He lives in Palm Springs during the winter so it's a good time to sue him. Not that you can t win. You see Columbia County is corrupt; everyone knows everyone and cuts deals. It's who you know not what happened. There are apartments in Scappoose that will take felons. Give them the business. If he didn t have foreign nationals, and felons and methies he wouldn t have anyone. Oh and by the way, the security camera by the dumpster is fake. Also Ra Lucas is importing crime from all over the world and making St Helens more like Gresham every day. There is no good reason to rent here, he will take every dime you have and harass you too. Nothing I write her is an exaggeration the place is more like a residential hotel then a home, and people close to the edge are pushed closer to homelessness by the constant evictions and fees. No one gets back on his or her feet at his apartments

Last Updated: 09/11/10
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Yes I know. Lucas is one of the worst in a county where you are expected not to expect much. There are landlords who allow you some freedom and peace though, they dont have for rent signs outside all the time.
This butt wipe has been successfully sued before. See http://www.justice.gov/crt/housing/documents/lucascomp.pdf and http://www.justice.gov/crt/housing/documents/lucassettle.pdf and http://www.hud.gov/offices/fheo/enforcement/RC08/08_HUD_v._Lucas.pdf and http://www.fhco.org/pdfs/newsNEWS_St_Helens_LL_Settles_Medi and http://www.oregonlive.com/news/index.ssf/2009/10/st_helens_landlord_must_let_te.html From what I've seen in rentals in St Helens, there are a LOT of places being rented out that meet no codes of any agencies ... seriously

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