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Forest Hideaway
11295 SW 135th Ave, Tigard, OR 97223
4 User Responses

Stay away! These are the dirtiest, falling apart, not maintained apts I've ever been in. The garbage containers are right outside the apt's- lids open, garbage all over the place; you can't go outside on your own patio- there is the owners storage of old trash and lumber and no maintanence of back of apts- the inside carpet is set on DIRT! ants everywhere under carpet in warm months- the stoves don't work, the showers and bathroom floor and caulking is rotten and fallen off; everything is broke in kitchen, the screens all have holes so you can't open any windows; the bugs are abundant inside and outside of apt; just not maintained and you get promised things will get done and they never come to fix anything; the family that owns obviously don't keep their place up, family that owns lives in home on property and they have abundance of trashey vehicles on property- old "bus"?; no place for visitors to park; they need to sell this place and tear down to start over!!!!!! Stay away, its horrible!!!

How about the move in apt wasn't available for walk through? What granite countertops? What tile floors? What wood blinds are you talking about? You aren't talking about Forest Hideaway Apts. What new carpets? Maybe the review was a family member in anger for a family member that lives there. Maybe it was given in anger of the run down apts. I want to make note the garbage dumpsters are within 6feet of an 2 apt front doors, you need to take a look. There is no waiting list. No I wasn't evicted and still live in the complex, remember we have signed lease, that is what keeps people there. Lets start over: whoever this Gary is, must be maintenance, he needs to close lids on garbage dumpster before health dept is contacted. My apt is immaculate. Thank you for understanding, just want improvements to be made that make this apt complex meeting safety and health standards.
I waited 6 months to get in to Forest Hideaway and yes I had ants, which the management had Halt Pest Control come out the next day and treat. Halt told me that ants came with the terretory of living in a Forest. They took care of it though. I see Gary (the owner) almost every morning picking up the parking lot keeping it perfectly clean. I love my new home and question the last person for even moving in if there were so many problems with the unit. My guess is it's my neighbor, she was complaining simmilarly a while back and I didn't know why. About a week later I saw a eviction summons taped to her door. I'm only sorry for the management here having to deal with her on the way out the door. I walked through her unit while the cleaning crews were here, you know looking at the bigger unit dreaming, and ohh my god what a hole. It had food on the floor, grease on the windows it was a real hole. Sorry again the the management, but I'm sure you're used to it being in this line of business, you should never have to deal with it though.
This is managements response; Forest Hideaway is full. This tenant moved in for some reason, and yet, all her complaints are regarding things that should have been obvious at an initial walk through. Makes you wonder. I guess the granite counters and tile floors and wood blinds with new carpets, WD hk ups, wood burning slate fireplaces and privates garages with auto openers were not enough. Can't please everyone.
Good grief. Forest Hideaway is such a pretty place with all the trees, the cherry blossoms, and fresh bark dust. I can not imagine that she was describing my home. There is only one garbage dumpster, and it is emptied 3 times a week, and located at the far end of the complex down by the creek. The other dumpster is for recycling. Right by the apartments? Where did she think they would be? What a hatchet job. What did they ever do to you? Forest Hideaway is full with a waiting list, you aught to know, you were on that list before you moved in. Possible eviction, I am thinking.

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